Our Apologies to the U.S.M.C. !

May 11, 2013

It was brought to our attention by a kind blogger, Kristine,  at USMCLife, that we had an error on our sticker pack cover on the website for We Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book.  The cover said ” a Marine Corpsman must obey”! Imagine Paula and I finding out that a Marine Corpsman is not a Marine, but a Navy Sailor assigned to a Marine Unit! Well, that is out civilian showing! Please accept our apologies from these two grandmas,who only have Army experience and know that we support all of you out there who are defending us…Thank you! The corrected cover is below.

We also are aware that for some reason, our website will not accept pins, so we are working on that trying to make it possible to pin our books and resources to Pinterest…we all love Pinterest!

Thank you Kristine, and we hope to have things squared away soon!

marine cover

Calling all Friends of We Serve Too!

April 29, 2013

all our products

Dear friends of Military Kids and friends of We Serve Too! 
It’s been nealy 6 years since our first book was published and each year we have added to our series. Now we have 4 hardback books, 1 coloring book and 1 activity book!
We have sold thousands of books, and given away thousands more to encourage the little hearts of our littlest heroes.

Things are changing for us and we have decided to sell through our website and our book distributor as usual, but now our books are also available on Amazon.com.
So what is our request? We humbly ask this favor from our friends:  would be so kind as to search Amazon for each of our books?  (yes it has come to this: it’s all about algorithms!To help you search, here are the exact titles to look for:
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If you have a lot of time to kill 

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When you find us, click on the title and even consider putting us on your wish list or in your cart. (Of course we would be ok with any sales, too!)
 Finally, we need some good and honest comments, too, from those of you who have read and used any of our books
We appreciate any help in making our books more visible for Military folks searching for help for the kids.
We need to let you know that the free dog tag that comes with every book ordered from our website or our book distributor will not be available with orders through Amazon (we can’t make that work with Amazon, at least not yet.) Dog tags can be purchased through our book distributor: Complete Book and Media, and if you are ordering bulk quantities, you want to call them at 1-800-986-1775 for the best discounts . Amazon is another avenue to make the books more available to a wider audience. Only our good friends will know that you need to order directly from us to get the dog tags (aren’t you lucky?)
We thank you our dear friends.
With warm regards,
 Paula and Kathleen
Kathleen Edick and Paula Johnson
(970) 396-0156 and (970) 454-2050 or (970) 381-0139
We Serve Too! TM “Honor and Courage for Military Kids”
Wee the People Publishing, LLC

Reunion,the Single Parent, and the Daddy Box.

January 26, 2013

Soon our family will be welcoming home our soldier and we are so excited! He will be living and working close enough to be present for holidays, birthdays and just weekends with the We Serve Too! kids. This is new to all of us and we can’t wait! As a mother, grandmother, and someone who has worked closely with kids all my life, I have been contemplating a few things about this . I believe that We Serve Too! A Child’s Reunion Book is a great way for kids to talk through a reintegration no matter if the family is intact, divorced or supported by grandparents or other caretakers.

If you are a single parent returning from deployment , or the caretaker of children while someone has been away, here are  three  things that might be a little helpful to remember:

1.Kids are creatures of habit (actually we all are ) and what they are used to is not always easy to undo. In our Reunion book we address this, in showing that feelings get complicated . Not expecting things to go smoothly will avoid lots of hurt feelings.

2. Homecoming is wonderful…sometimes. Everyone has had lots of time to think about how great this is going to be!  No one has thought about what it will be like when a child wants to go home to the parent they have been living with when you have them for the weekend , what it will feel like when the child rejects gifts or planned activities that have been lovingly offered, or on the child’s side,what it will feel like to be disciplined by this parent they have waited so long for.

3. Take it slow. Get to know each other again. Find things that you share in common. Let kids know that though they are used to life one way, life has changed course …for the better! Let them know that you understand they miss Mommy , but you love them and you are there, they will see Mommy in a day or two (or whatever the arrangement is). Be confident, friendly and not overly empathetic. When kids know you are acting in their best interest, they begin to feel safe and accept the new arrangements. Finding things to do, like getting kids engaged in helping you make dinner, washing the car together, reading a story, will help calm the feelings and build bonds between you.

Here is one word of caution, don’t be intimidated. Don’t let kids cry and get when they want…this will create a mess beyond your imagination and honestly makes kids feel insecure and scared. They need to know that a mature adult is caring for them and they are not in charge. It is hard sometimes  being a parent who has been away, it creates undue guilt at times. If you want to read more about this, look at our free parent guide on our reunion book here:https://www.weservetoo.com/Discussion_Guides.html

As the grandma, I want to help my son as he comes back, gets an apartment , and begins to enjoy his beautiful We Serve Too! kids!

I came up with the idea of a “Daddy Box”. This  box has a few things he may not think about or know about yet: the special soap that little girl needs, the laundry soap for said little girl who is allergic to other kinds, children’s Tylenol, children’s cold medicine, a box of band aids , neosporin for any little cuts that happen, a toothbrush and favorite toothpaste for each kid, children’s shampoo. You could add maybe a few favorite foods that kids are used to, night lights, or toys that are familiar and may need to be found in both homes. If you have a young lady nearing teen years,  who will be with Dad, make sure that you provide things in case changes of life occur on his watch. I bet you could think of some other things, if you do, please let me know since I only have two more weeks to get it ready!

If you are a parent coming home, Welcome Back, and thank you!









Christmas Reunion and a New Year coming

January 5, 2013

Hi, I have not written anything all the Christmas season and into the first 5 days of the new year. There is a reason for that, I have been busy soaking up the joys and blessings of our first Christmas with our soldier son for quite some time.

This year, he was here , being Daddy to the We Serve Too! kids and enjoying his brothers and sister. We had a beautiful day and overnight in a downtown hotel and a wonderful meal that made us all full for many hours later.

We had so many things to be thankful for. My husband had come through a rough operation and subsequent life threatening blood clot to the lung, and that fact that we were all sitting together over dinner, all in only two weeks,  by the grace of God, made it seem as if our days were gold.

I watched soldier son, play with his kids, open a lovely painting done by his daughter to hang in his apartment that will finally be in the same state we live in! ( I had to show it off below).  After two tours in Iraq and recently a year in Afghanistan, this was a reunion we had waited for a long time.

There  will be a shift in how we live soon, the New Year coming will bring him home in ways we have not enjoyed for years. He will have more time and visits with the kids and there will be joys and struggles ahead as they learn what it means to turn reunion into regular life.

As I watched the days slip by quickly, this time, not a year but only a matter of weeks will pass until he flies back home, and I  know that this will be a new chapter for him and for us all. This Christmas will be a lovely memory of candlelight, tiny colored lights on the tree, laughter and conversations, and love we had being all together.

I know that many of you will be starting a deployment, or welcoming a reunion. Whatever the New Year brings , may you have the strength and courage to face it square and count the joys that come each day. If you need some help to explain deployment or reunion to little ones this year, please read our free discussion guides on our website https://www.weservetoo.com/Discussion_Guides.html, our books and resources are there for you, and if they help, we have done what we set out to do.

May this New Year bring you blessings ,

Kathleen and Paula



Summer Fun, tokens for your Homecoming Box, and Pinterest

June 7, 2012

Well, summer has begun and the We Serve Too! kids are off and running. I thought I would share some of the ideas that I have collected that are working to keep the days interesting  for all of us. We have three days a week, when this gramma is blessed with the kids for those days. Monday is make it Monday, Tuesday is take a trip day, Wednesday is “we Wednesday” since we include the kids Gigi (great grandma in the mix).

I have to let you know that I have become a bit of a Pinterest addict. When I used to teach mentoring classes we used to teach that women have a certain way of processing Gathering, Sorting Ordering and Beautifying, now without going into a huge explanation about each of these, suffice to say it  is exactly what Pinterst is all about and thus its incredible success! That aside, it has been fun to pin and then try these great ideas. You can check out my boards here: http://pinterest.com/weservetoo/ I have a board for our books of course , then one for Military Families, one just on Fun Stuff for Kids, Fun foods for kids and then a few personal boards as well.

Let me share a few things that we have been trying out:

This is the beginning of Rock candy

being made, you need a bunch of sugar

for this one, but gives 7 days of  watching

the crystals grow.





This is called the “naked egg” you put a regular egg into a glass of vinegar

Just make sure it is deep enough to cover it. The vinegar dissolves the eggshell

overnight, and if you gently brush the powdery shell off you can see the insides. Cool and gross.

(which of course makes if great)





Just a trip to some places that you may not think of right off the bat. Here the kids are at a rock shop,

they could pick out a geode, which looks like a common grey rock, they cut it in half and….






Ta Daaaa!!! Something wonderful to put in your Homecoming Box!








Now this one may not be for everyone, but we sure have had fun with raising Praying Mantis’s. The kids Daddy gave them a kit http://www.insectkits.com/contents/en-us/p2_preying_mantis_habitat.html .  With the kit you get the  cage and directions, but no mantis. You have to send away for the egg cases, which I found cheaper (even with the discount paper in the kit) at a plant nursery online (just Google “ praying mantis egg cases”).  these little guys are great for your garden and you can release them there after the kids have had the thrill of seeing them hatch, hunt , grow…and as you can see , gain a personality. The do not bite or pinch and are quite friendly..but delicate, so you have to supervise the little ones so the mantis has half a chance at survival.  We highly recommend this, but we get it, if you are not crazy about bugs (aww, look at that cute face!)




We will add some other photos as the summer moves forward. I hope you will find some of the things I have pinned useful and fun. Have fun!

Mothers Day Expectations

May 10, 2010

Well, I am at the computer and mothers day is at a close. The sky is dark, and my eyes tired and ready for sleep. I think back on this day and feel contented and grateful to have the children and grandchildren that God has placed in my life. If you are a Mother, you know that Motherhood is a mixed bag of joy, pride, laughter and grief. It is never finished and never quiet.

To be a Mother you learn to live in the middle of this, and if you are older, you learn that the best things happen when you stop having any expectation of what the day is supposed to mean.

If you expected a day focused on your needs, you will likely be disappointed. Other people are not used to you having any needs. If you expected a day of quiet solitude, you will likely be disappointed since they make lots of noise trying to please you as they cook something in the kitchen.
If you expected that they would remember that you would really love a good book and a nap, you may be disappointed, unless the good book you had in mind has lots of bright pictures and you wanted to read it with a few extra grubby fingers turning the pages.
If you expected a fancy gift you may be disappointed, unless your desire and treasure would be a hand written note saying you are the best mom.

Mothers Day is best navigated without any expectation. Perhaps the real gift of Mothers Day is getting to be one.

Willie Banks III receives his award

May 1, 2010

Willie Banks III, met the first lady, got a tour of the white house and was awarded his military child of the year award. He also won
5000.00, which he says he will spend 500.00 on a Nintendo for his sister and a surprise for his mother, the rest he plans to save for

With the wisdom of a child older than his years, Willie has some advice for children going through similar situations.
“All you have to do is pray for other people … then something good is going to come back to you,” Willie said.

What an amazing young man! We were able to send Willie one of each of the We Serve Too! books and two coloring books, one for
Willie and one for his sister,

Great job Willie!

Green zone…don’t give em your green!

March 20, 2010

I don’t usually use this forum for anything like a movie review, or even political views, but this time I have to. I had not heard much about this movie, so my husband and I thought we would eat a bag of popcorn and check it out.

I wonder what those of another generation would have said if anyone tried to put out a traitorous movie like this during WWII?
Casting our troops and our nation in a bad light when we are at war, is wrong.

Our troops are professionals, the best army in the world. In this movie the Special Forces are bad guys, our government so corrupt that they stage the war for no reason, our soldiers so stifled by this conspiracy that they go out on their own creating missions for themselves. The Iraqis are misunderstood and we are left holding the bag.

I am just tired of the tone, even if it is fiction, that America is a rouge nation, trying to destroy things just because we can. It is crap. I hope that you will not feel the need to add to the coffers of those who made this movie, I wish I hadn’t.

Military Reunions…Why We Wrote We Serve Too!2 A Child’s Reunion Book

January 29, 2010

I found this video posted on Military Avenue, and just needed to put it up. Reunions are about parents and children, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles finally getting to hug that special person they have been missing. It brought tears as I recalled the times we welcomed home our own soldier. The banners made by my grandchildren that said “Welcome Home Daddy!”

When Paula and I created Book 2 , on Reunion, we wanted something that would last. A book that would not just be a story, but your story. One that parents and children could read and say “yeah, I felt that way too.” We are proud to be able the offer it to Military Families.
Reunion is joyful, but not always easy. Many adjustments must be made. Parents have to reassert authority, children have to learn that things are now different. Schedules change, room must be made for the one who has been away. Spouses must work together, when it might seem easier to “do it myself”.
Reunions can be easier, if everyone knows that it will take some patience and work.

We dedicate this book to all of you who have made the sacrifices this nation requires. We can never thank you enough!

To see our books go to www.weservetoo.com

Do you have a Reunion story or question? We would love to hear your comments!

Christmas traditions

December 21, 2009

It is the Sunday before Christmas, and our early Christmas is messing with my mind. Somehow, even though it was really fun, and I am glad we did it…the sentiment in our second book is correct. It is a lonely little Christmas. I think that there is truth in the statement that we are creatures of habit and tradition. Many Military Families change up the rules on many occasions, but still, there is a price to be paid.
I know that this is a passing feeling. The days will come and go, the New Year will make it’s appearance and normal will come around again (whatever that is!) I would love to hear what traditions you have on Christmas, and what you would miss if you had to change things up.

thanksgiving christmas 4 generations 004

One thing I am truly hoping this year, that I can get swept up in the truth, that I might look into the manger, and see my Lord and King. Hope you do the same.
Merry Christmas!