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October 31, 2013
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 A Big thank you to all our Military Families, we honor your sacrifices made for all of us!

We Serve Too! What are these books really about?

October 3, 2013

What are the We Serve Too! series of books really about?  Shannon, a young Military wife and mother, spoke our exact mission and desire as we started out on this journey nearly 10 years ago. She talks about the way children react to the books and how being with other Military children gets them talking .

Thank you Shannon, for sharing the way our books impacted you, and sharing that Little Patriots Embraced was there to help as you dealt with two young sons needing encouragement while their Dad was away from home. That you used the prayer for Daddy as you Skyped as a family, touches our hearts in a special way .

I am posting the video here, it is really what our books are about:

These books are about family, about loving and missing and joyful reunion. They are about talking with children, and parents having a chance to learn that they are allowed to express feelings too, you don’t have to be strong every minute.  These books are about children learning to cope with life, in a positive way, and feeling honor and courage in being a child who’s parents serve this country. Alot to ask of a children’s picture book, but we are thrilled that that, and more, is what our books are about.


A Deployment Goodbye Gift

June 19, 2013



I just wanted to draw your attention to the newest changes on our website! Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book, read in its entirety to you by Kathleen, just for you! (scroll down a bit) Deployment Goodbye Gift, a new song by Paula Johnson. Honestly, I was in on the writing of this song, ( as in being the first to hear it) and the first time, I knew it would be something really special. Then, Paula had a good friend and musician have her children sing it, and I could not keep the tears from leaking. I cried through the whole thing. It’s sweetness and bittersweeness touched my heart, and I know touches other hearts as well. I personally love the voices of children singing just about anything, but this one, with the lyrics so meaningful for the children we love and work for, is just a special experience.

We hope that you are finding the summer a time of joy with family and friends and that you are enjoying each one of these sunny warm days while they are here. It all goes so fast, so breathe the early morning freshness, the smell of suntan lotion, BBQ grills, and chlorine at the pool. Enjoy the taste of cool watermelon, and an ice cream cone or two. Take the kids out after dark to see the shining stars (we take a ride in the wagon around the neighborhood) . We pray for you some summer joys, and would love to hear from you about what you think about our books, songs or other resources for your Military Family.

The History of a Child

January 29, 2013

History. For some this word whispers dusty  memories of stuffy classrooms and boring discussions about people we never knew and truth be told, we did not care much about. Today I have been thinking about the history of a child, and the importance of that.

There was a time, when family history was naturally handed down. Not in boring lectures, but in the real life encounters daily, of things that matter.

My partner Paula and I have vastly different experiences with this. Paula was raised on an farm, her maternal grandmother nearby. She was immersed in family stories, lived where events of generations had taken place ,and heard adults talk of and live that history. She knows of her grandparents and how they came to America, the stories of how traditions began, and how to bake  recipes passed down by people that though she was too young to remember, were part of her..

For me it was much different. My parents divorced when I was 7. My father an Army Officer took us several places until I was set down in Denver Colorado no longer venturing from there. My mother, distracted and alone, had to work to support this young child and make a life out of the ashes. There were few opportunities to pass along history, daily survival was more important.

We never lived among the relatives, Uncles, Aunts, grandparents all lived states away. I never visited the dense woods of my mother’s childhood, or ate her cooking, since TV dinners were faster and more convenient for the two of us adrift and alone. I did later have some things that I held to, a recipe for Scotch shortbread from one side of the family and a book of a family story created by some distant Mormon relatives I have never met on the other.

It seems these days my experience is more common than Paula’s. I was thinking that many Military children are moving often, and that can open wonderful experiences for them. Moving can bring new insights and new friends. I guess the point of this blog is to get you think about how you can have both, as you raise your kids. How can you be intentional about history and passing it on to them?


Here are some ideas, you may like to think about

A family story box: this can be fun. Send a note to as many family members as you can. Ask them to write a story or memory that is important or funny but meaningful, memories or stories they would like to pass on to your children and have them mail or e-mail it to you. Collect these in a special box and share them with you children often. You can include recipes that are passed down, cultural items or photos, family traditions and where they came from.

A family book: There are some great websites out there,where you can find family history and then make it into a book that can be kept. You can download photos, write stories, add memories of places you are sent as a Military Family. Maybe one book for each place you go (Shuttefly has some nice ways to make books). Remember that you are history in the making! Scrapbooks are good too and may be cheaper.

Visit places where you grew up: Taking children to see grandparents and others is wonderful for them and for you. You can re-connect and show them where you lived as a child, kids love that.

Take kids to museums; especially when you are sent to a new base or post. There is history there, and now you are part of it. Give them a love of what has gone before and why things have meaning. This can later transfer into interest in your family history. Who else served in the Military? Where did the family come from and where did they settle? Are there any famous people you are related to? The history of our nation is part of the fabric of who we are, every one of us. It is your history and mine, pass it along!

Talk about family: births, deaths, adoptions, marriages, try connecting and talking about family with your kids. Giving kids a sense of other family members even when they live far away, gives them some point of connection later on. If they have heard you talk of aunt Sofia  or cousin Delbert, they will be more likely to connect when they finally meet them. Family members who have passed on are part of your child’s history, let them know how these people impacted your life and what things about them are memorable. As the mother of two adopted children I have to add that your history is their history…don’t worry about answers you do not know about birth family , pass on matter of factly what you know, but the focus is the family they now have. They are a grafted piece  fully belonging to the family they have been adopted by. You are giving them a foundation when their stone is cemented into the family wall.

Deployments and Reunions: Save e-mails, photos and remembrances of these times. Kids, if they are very young will be very interested in Daddy’s tour if Iraq ,Afghanistan, Japan or Alaska, and his place in history as a soldier. Save photos of the kids, they will love seeing what they looked like in that period of time, and how you all got through those times. Kids can find a solid place in the family, or feel blown like dandelion fuzz on a breeze, this is the importance of the history of a child. You can create that solid place no matter how many times you pick up and adventure, by being just a bit of a historian and collector on their behalf!

Here is a book to make your next move easier on the kids and open conversation for you with them. Little Daisy’s Worst/Best Day talks about moves, leaving family and finding new adventures. Acknowledging the difficulties, but introducing the positive, your little ones will love it!

Here is the link so you can take a look!


Reunion,the Single Parent, and the Daddy Box.

January 26, 2013

Soon our family will be welcoming home our soldier and we are so excited! He will be living and working close enough to be present for holidays, birthdays and just weekends with the We Serve Too! kids. This is new to all of us and we can’t wait! As a mother, grandmother, and someone who has worked closely with kids all my life, I have been contemplating a few things about this . I believe that We Serve Too! A Child’s Reunion Book is a great way for kids to talk through a reintegration no matter if the family is intact, divorced or supported by grandparents or other caretakers.

If you are a single parent returning from deployment , or the caretaker of children while someone has been away, here are  three  things that might be a little helpful to remember:

1.Kids are creatures of habit (actually we all are ) and what they are used to is not always easy to undo. In our Reunion book we address this, in showing that feelings get complicated . Not expecting things to go smoothly will avoid lots of hurt feelings.

2. Homecoming is wonderful…sometimes. Everyone has had lots of time to think about how great this is going to be!  No one has thought about what it will be like when a child wants to go home to the parent they have been living with when you have them for the weekend , what it will feel like when the child rejects gifts or planned activities that have been lovingly offered, or on the child’s side,what it will feel like to be disciplined by this parent they have waited so long for.

3. Take it slow. Get to know each other again. Find things that you share in common. Let kids know that though they are used to life one way, life has changed course …for the better! Let them know that you understand they miss Mommy , but you love them and you are there, they will see Mommy in a day or two (or whatever the arrangement is). Be confident, friendly and not overly empathetic. When kids know you are acting in their best interest, they begin to feel safe and accept the new arrangements. Finding things to do, like getting kids engaged in helping you make dinner, washing the car together, reading a story, will help calm the feelings and build bonds between you.

Here is one word of caution, don’t be intimidated. Don’t let kids cry and get when they want…this will create a mess beyond your imagination and honestly makes kids feel insecure and scared. They need to know that a mature adult is caring for them and they are not in charge. It is hard sometimes  being a parent who has been away, it creates undue guilt at times. If you want to read more about this, look at our free parent guide on our reunion book here:

As the grandma, I want to help my son as he comes back, gets an apartment , and begins to enjoy his beautiful We Serve Too! kids!

I came up with the idea of a “Daddy Box”. This  box has a few things he may not think about or know about yet: the special soap that little girl needs, the laundry soap for said little girl who is allergic to other kinds, children’s Tylenol, children’s cold medicine, a box of band aids , neosporin for any little cuts that happen, a toothbrush and favorite toothpaste for each kid, children’s shampoo. You could add maybe a few favorite foods that kids are used to, night lights, or toys that are familiar and may need to be found in both homes. If you have a young lady nearing teen years,  who will be with Dad, make sure that you provide things in case changes of life occur on his watch. I bet you could think of some other things, if you do, please let me know since I only have two more weeks to get it ready!

If you are a parent coming home, Welcome Back, and thank you!









Christmas Reunion and a New Year coming

January 5, 2013

Hi, I have not written anything all the Christmas season and into the first 5 days of the new year. There is a reason for that, I have been busy soaking up the joys and blessings of our first Christmas with our soldier son for quite some time.

This year, he was here , being Daddy to the We Serve Too! kids and enjoying his brothers and sister. We had a beautiful day and overnight in a downtown hotel and a wonderful meal that made us all full for many hours later.

We had so many things to be thankful for. My husband had come through a rough operation and subsequent life threatening blood clot to the lung, and that fact that we were all sitting together over dinner, all in only two weeks,  by the grace of God, made it seem as if our days were gold.

I watched soldier son, play with his kids, open a lovely painting done by his daughter to hang in his apartment that will finally be in the same state we live in! ( I had to show it off below).  After two tours in Iraq and recently a year in Afghanistan, this was a reunion we had waited for a long time.

There  will be a shift in how we live soon, the New Year coming will bring him home in ways we have not enjoyed for years. He will have more time and visits with the kids and there will be joys and struggles ahead as they learn what it means to turn reunion into regular life.

As I watched the days slip by quickly, this time, not a year but only a matter of weeks will pass until he flies back home, and I  know that this will be a new chapter for him and for us all. This Christmas will be a lovely memory of candlelight, tiny colored lights on the tree, laughter and conversations, and love we had being all together.

I know that many of you will be starting a deployment, or welcoming a reunion. Whatever the New Year brings , may you have the strength and courage to face it square and count the joys that come each day. If you need some help to explain deployment or reunion to little ones this year, please read our free discussion guides on our website, our books and resources are there for you, and if they help, we have done what we set out to do.

May this New Year bring you blessings ,

Kathleen and Paula



Why Are Books Effective For Reaching the Heart Of a Child? Book Giveaway!!(yes, free books!)

November 27, 2012
Join our conversation about books and children with our friends at Faith Deployed (this is a great blog for Military Families). You can enter the giveaway by leaving a comment at the end of the blog on Faith Deployed.
The blog is discussing how a hard back children’s book is a special gift to a child, and why we felt we needed to print our books that way, though it is more expensive and difficult than paperback or e-books.  The contest will award 10 We Serve Too! books and 1 Grand Prize of all our books (all 4 full color hardback books, each with a dogtag, the Military ABC, and our Afghanistan booklet) !!! We can’t wait to read your comments!
A big thank you to Jocelyn Green of Faith Deployed for featuring our books!

Fall will bring Soldier Daddy closer every day…

August 14, 2012




The kids have had a wonderful summer that has slipped by awfully fast. We hope that you have tucked away a few sunshiny memories to think on as the fall and winter come. We are looking forward to soldier Daddy coming home, leaving the rugged terrain of Afghanistan and being instead close enough to hug!


As a mother, I can hardly stand the end months of this deployment, just waiting and praying that he will be out of there and equally proud of how he serves this country with every fiber of his being. My grandchildren can hardly wait for the Daddy they miss to be here, really here in person.


We have worked hard to stay connected and close even with all those miles between us. Calls and notes, packages and facebook messages. Soon all that will be replaced with a PCS to Colorado, and we are thrilled!

Paula and I will be going to a local elementary school to bring the We Serve Too! books to kids and teach them about Veterans Day. This will happen of course in November, but we are planning now, since we will be working with more than 500 children. We were told that they did not understand Veterans Day last year, and so we have vowed to change that!

We will be talking to them about books, illustrating ,and  being an author. We will be letting them illustrate a book of their own, and best, we will be telling them of the sacrifices that are made for them each and every day. These children need to know that other children wait for beloved parents to return. They need to understand that all through our history, men and women have chosen to risk everything to keep this country free and our way of life intact. If they do not understand that, how can they ever understand the gift they have been given, and the weight of that gift? If they don’t know that this country is unique and special, how will they find the passion to defend it?  Paula and I are not really just talking about books at all, but about something infinitely more important. We hope the kids will embrace it.

Here is hoping that your last summer days are blessed and restful, and that the excitement of a new school year will carry the little ones into good learning situations!

Summer Fun, tokens for your Homecoming Box, and Pinterest

June 7, 2012

Well, summer has begun and the We Serve Too! kids are off and running. I thought I would share some of the ideas that I have collected that are working to keep the days interesting  for all of us. We have three days a week, when this gramma is blessed with the kids for those days. Monday is make it Monday, Tuesday is take a trip day, Wednesday is “we Wednesday” since we include the kids Gigi (great grandma in the mix).

I have to let you know that I have become a bit of a Pinterest addict. When I used to teach mentoring classes we used to teach that women have a certain way of processing Gathering, Sorting Ordering and Beautifying, now without going into a huge explanation about each of these, suffice to say it  is exactly what Pinterst is all about and thus its incredible success! That aside, it has been fun to pin and then try these great ideas. You can check out my boards here: I have a board for our books of course , then one for Military Families, one just on Fun Stuff for Kids, Fun foods for kids and then a few personal boards as well.

Let me share a few things that we have been trying out:

This is the beginning of Rock candy

being made, you need a bunch of sugar

for this one, but gives 7 days of  watching

the crystals grow.





This is called the “naked egg” you put a regular egg into a glass of vinegar

Just make sure it is deep enough to cover it. The vinegar dissolves the eggshell

overnight, and if you gently brush the powdery shell off you can see the insides. Cool and gross.

(which of course makes if great)





Just a trip to some places that you may not think of right off the bat. Here the kids are at a rock shop,

they could pick out a geode, which looks like a common grey rock, they cut it in half and….






Ta Daaaa!!! Something wonderful to put in your Homecoming Box!








Now this one may not be for everyone, but we sure have had fun with raising Praying Mantis’s. The kids Daddy gave them a kit .  With the kit you get the  cage and directions, but no mantis. You have to send away for the egg cases, which I found cheaper (even with the discount paper in the kit) at a plant nursery online (just Google “ praying mantis egg cases”).  these little guys are great for your garden and you can release them there after the kids have had the thrill of seeing them hatch, hunt , grow…and as you can see , gain a personality. The do not bite or pinch and are quite friendly..but delicate, so you have to supervise the little ones so the mantis has half a chance at survival.  We highly recommend this, but we get it, if you are not crazy about bugs (aww, look at that cute face!)




We will add some other photos as the summer moves forward. I hope you will find some of the things I have pinned useful and fun. Have fun!

Memorial Day and a walk that explains a Holiday…

May 25, 2012


The solemn nature of this holiday runs head to head with soft early summer sunshine , backyard cook outs and kids running through the sprinkler. Who wants to spend the day to contemplate the loss of young men and women and the struggles of the families left behind? We collectively as Americans need to because they belong to every one of us.

I recently was standing beside a young woman with a baby in a stroller at an event at Ft. Carson. I talked with her and learned that her husband and best friend had died in Iraq ,only days after she had shared with him that they were about to become parents. My heart ached for her and  for the baby that will never know her Daddy personally. The event sponsored by American Military Family that we were attending was  to support parents Michelle and Dan Benevidez, who were preparing to walk from Colorado to Illinois, to the Middle East Conflicts Wall where the name of their fallen soldier is etched. Their son,  Ssgt. Kennith Mayne  died in Iraq in 2008. They want to bring attention to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and to those who serve now.  I want to share a video with you, no words can express what the video will…it is what Memorial Day is all about.


American Military Family is there for those who serve and their Families. For more information about this group and about the walk of Michelle and Dan Benevidez,  go to :