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October 31, 2013
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Homecoming Box Workshop, part of yellow Ribbon Program

November 16, 2010

We were invited by the Wyoming Air National Guard to participate in a Yellow Ribbon Program this past week!

Paula, Ramona and Beth, our We Serve Too! kids team,  traveled on to Wyoming this past weekend while I stayed home after a minor surgery. I was fortunate that they brought back pictures of all the fun! Though I missed out on the activities, the kids made some wonderful boxes, so we wanted to share with you the adventures of the workshop:

Here the kids begin work on their Homecoming Boxes. They have played the game of taking items out of our Homecoming box and hearing the stories of each one. Now they are taking time to carefully craft a box that reflects who they are , and is a special place to hold memories while they wait for deployed parents to return home.

Here are some of our participants showing off their finished boxes!

Another activity is writing their own book. We show the children a mock up  (the real way we plan a book) then we read them the storyline as they do the illustrations. We give lots of choices so that no one has a book that is the same. They love this activity, and then they endorse each others books with testimonials on the back  cover! This group got a sneak peek at our newest book that will be published the first of the year called The Homecoming Box.

Kids need to get some energy out , and an obstacle course is just the thing! They love rearranging the course themselves!

Another activity was an Afghan snack of grapes, pomegranates and naan…then they voted with a purple fingerprint on what the favorite was… pomegranates win!

The day ended with children singing The Creed of a Soldiers Child to their parents.

Each child took home a finished Homecoming Box, a copy of both We Serve Too! books on deployment and reunion, our ABC Military Coloring Book,Our new

We Serve too! Around theWorld Afghanistan Coloring Booklet and a Dog tag that says “I will be Strong and courageous”.  We hope that they will remember this day,and that their parents will benefit from this Homecoming Box craft that helps to keep Families connected.

Thank you Wyoming National Guard for inviting us to be part of this wonderful day!

Birthdays…while parents are away

October 8, 2010

My grandson just turned 6. His daddy, who is far away in Germany, asked me to find the perfect gift. You know how that is, the parent is far from home and wants the gift to be spectacular, since they are missing all the festivities. There is something about it too, that we think we have to make up for the lost time with something memorable.

I noticed when I got to the store that most of the toys I saw would last about 5 minutes. Our boy is like his dad used to be, full of energy and likely to toss something just to see what happens when it hits. I think that most boys fit this description. Toy manufacturers also know and it too and it seems they create toys that will require you to replace it with another one, the very day of the birthday party!
As I crusied the aisles of Target, I finally came to the conclusion that the child would have to get something real.

The end result of all this,was a real two man tent (29.95) and a canteen (5.95), along with a set of tupperware containers to make collections in (3.95) (you know, rocks, cool other stuff and with a few holes in the top …bugs!) So for about 40.00, (the cost of any of the plastic breakables) my grandson got a gift that could be used for years and would make a fine thing to sleep in when Dad gets home!

Our grandson was thrilled with the tent which was set up in our living room. He and his sister slept in it. Now I have to figure out what wonderful gift from Daddy my granddaughter will get for her birthday!

September 11, What should Kids know?

September 8, 2010

Though September 11th is burned into the consciousness of nearly every adult American, our young children were not here then. Unless they were about 5 or 6 in 2001, they will have no recollection of the national grief and fear that you and I know all too well.

What should they know? What do we tell tender little ones that will not frighten them, but give them a sense of the weight of the day, but more, the questions of honor, protection, and what is worth fighting for?

Remembering is something that we need to do as a nation. In Biblical times, the nation of Israel would build piles of stones to remember things that were important so they could tell their children. The reason they did that is because human beings have fairly short memories, and life moves forward quickly. Without teaching our children that memorials are important, they will lose their history and some meaningful pondering of life. Memorials are important to bring together people who have shared an experience and then the question, what can be learned from it, what does it mean to us?

Children can be told more with age. For our little ones I suggest that you stay on the positives, and not detail too much of the fear. Answer the questions children ask honestly, but simply. You do not need to go into the politics, or the graphics with kids. Do not ignore the bad part, but don’t accentuate it. A simple answer to what happened on 9/11 might simply be that some bad people made some big towers fall in New York City, then tell them that there were many people who were there to help.

Here are some things that you may want to share with your little ones:

*Talk to them about the heroes of 9/11. Here is a website to help you with that:

*Talk about resiliency and that we bounce back after bad things happen. Here are plans for the site of the towers

*On September 11th, we remember the people who work to keep us safe. They are soldiers and airmen, they are marines and sailors, coast guard and policemen, they are fireman and doctors. Our country is made up of many kinds of people, they are all Americans and they are the ones who are there when you need help, or when we all need protection.

*Today we remember that sometimes when bad things happen, we learn to come together and fight for what is right. We learn that we are America, and we have a long history of being there for others in the world. We protect others as well as our own people.

*Do something to help your children with expressions of gratitude. Make some cookies and bring them to your local firehouse, draw pictures of police, firefighters, and others who are protectors and give them your pictures. Send a letter to a soldier overseas and express your thankfulness for the sacrificial work they do. Here is a website where you and thank a soldier right now!

Children can understand honor, courage. Help kids to appreciate what it means to be an American. The gifts that we have as a people, and the wonderful country God has given us. Teach them that there are people that want to reach out, that being brave does not mean we are not scared, but that we push through it and help anyway.

Ft. Carson: We Serve Too!, Tradition, and Homecoming!

June 6, 2010

This weekend Paula and I had the privilege to go to Ft. Carson and donate 500 books to the little ones. We read our stories, asked some questions and got some wonderful hugs! Here are a couple of the people that helped us do that, friends from the West Childcare Development Center on Ft. Carson, as they assemble the books with dogtags to pass out to the children there

After the passing out of the books , we heard of a tradition there are Ft. Carson that we had never heard of before. We were told that if we came back to the post late at night, 300 or more soldiers were coming home from Afghanistan! The tradition is, that as the busloads of soldiers come in the gates, the firetrucks, lights flashing , horns blowing, drench the buses with water, symbolizing the washing off of the dirt of foreign soil and welcoming them back home.

Because this particular homecoming was happening inthe middle of the night, families anxiously awaited their arrival at the event center about a half mile from the gate’s roundabout. The only ones to witness the firetrucks and that part of the celebration, were one little boy and his mother, and these two grandmas!

As we joined the families of our brave service-members, we were struck with the beauty of the welcome. Prayer, the Army song, a reverence for the completed mission and thanks to the families who had endured or lost. Then a joyous reunion of smiles, snapshots, laughter, hugging and tears. What a privilege to be there.

As we left I thanked a young soldier and asked if he would mind if I gave him a hug. I had never gotten to see the homecoming of my own boy, twice from Iraq. He obliged me.

Welcome home each and every one. Thank you, from all of us, for the work you do and have done. May God bless and keep you, and your families!

Spring has sprung…or get ready to hop into summer!

May 19, 2010

Yesterday my granddaughter Devon and I went out to Paula and Barry’s farm. Going there is always a treat, and Paula and Barry, always make it special for the kids. I have always believed that all children should live on a farm ( my deepest wish as a child) surrounded by Gods beauty in open fields, and creatures both wild and domestic.

Visiting the farm means that the kids get to run and explore, jump on the trampoline (Barry is a very good sport and jumped with them last time), climb into the treehouse, and have Butters, the resident golden retriever, accompany them to the pond.

This visit, Butters waded into the pond and gently brought this big toad out as a gift for Devon, who was very happy to put him in a plastic container and bring him home. Later, after Papa and Uncle Joe had admired the toad and her mommy got a chance to enjoy the fact it was not going to her house, Devon let it go in the long grass behind our deck. Big toad will find lots of bugs out there and probably another toad or two.

Getting out into the country is a healing thing for us under pressure, in a hurry people. It is a place where you can take a deep breath and not feel like there are a thousand more things you should be doing ( sorry Paula, I know you have those thousand more things..even with living on the farm) . Even though I was there to bring illustrations for our re-do of our website (get is coming soon!) it never feels like work to go there.

It is the end of spring and the start of summer. School is out tomorrow here in Colorado, and the kids may have more time to hunt for toads, swing on swings and take walks. I am hoping for a summer of some of those “lazy days” they talk about. Other summers have passed too quickly with too much activity and not enough gently thankful days.

Paula and I have gotten our invitation for the 4th and 5th of June to take our books to Ft. Carson and give them to the preschoolers there. We can’t wait! Yes, I know that is not filed under “lazy days” but that is a special high activity blessing!

Hope your spring is off to a good start and things are hopping!

We Are the Free and Unconquerable People of the United States of America! Teach kids about Pearl Harbor.

December 8, 2009

old radio
Please take a moment to listen to this radio address by Eleanor Roosevelt.
You will hear the words she spoke (click on her name)as the world began to hear about the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Children need to hear about the history of our nation. It is our job, to keep the history alive ,to teach children that many have made the utimate sacrifice to secure their freedoms. Listen to the language used, Eleanor Roosevelt acknowledges the emotion of the moment, fear, and tells the nation, that “we the people, are ready for action” and that “we are the free and unconquerable people of the United States of America!” We still are, though there are those who do not know it. They try to convince us that this is no longer true. Teach the children, that honor, bravery and good are displayed in our great military. We need to begin to look at the way we saw our nation then, and the dangerous changes we have made. Bring back that sureness, that we are a nation of people, united, who will not bow to evil.

May our nation continue to be blessed.

Veterans Day…make sure children never forget!

November 11, 2009

As adults, parents and grandparents, the things of importance lay upon our shoulders to pass to the next generation of Americans. Today is veterans Day. As we mow lawns, shovel snow, tend babies, work at our chosen occupations, there are people fighting for our right to do it. These people span all generations. They sacrifice life, limb,family time and personal goals, to make sure you sleep safely beneath your cozy blanket tonight. They sleep in sand, in heat, in cold. They miss their loved one, eat a lot of beef jerky, and miss nearly every holiday. They tirelessly fight in jungles, in snow, in desolation, for you.

Make sure that today, you tell your children that they live in the greatest country in the world. America provides more for the poor and suffering in this world than any other country. We have a heart for what is right and good and honest. Tell them about our veterans, tell them about heroism, and selflessness. It is their heritage to know.

Teach them that even now, today, there are children who wait for a beloved parent to return home. That children like them, are serving too, by lending their parents to the cause of freedom. If you can, find a veteran today and thank them, for all of us.

September 11th…

September 11, 2009

Every year, it rolls around. We take the horror that we felt that day , look at our hearts again , and remember. I have a flag I fly in my yard. It has a name on it of one of the victims of that horrible act, and a note from a child that says: “you died from terrorists.” We have a war on terror, but terror is a darkness that we cannot fully comprehend. We try and imagine how we can war against it when it is elusive,  and so far reaching, like a grey mist rising in places we do not expect. Terror is a tool used by evil, to control the minds and when possible, the hearts of those who cannot or will not fight. Those who are weak are overcome first, and those who stand strong suffer, sometimes at the hand of the very ones they try to protect. I wonder about this as our son begins another journey across the ocean in this war on terror. I think of the people who so wonderfully show their appreciation to our Military, and those who do not get what it is they do for them. Our brave sons and daughters protect them all. Today on September 11 th, think hard about the sacrifices being made on your behalf. There are sons and daughters who take the worry of parents with them as they go, fathers and mothers leaving little ones to grow, seeing the milestones from far away. Many are impacted by the lives of those we send to protect our homeland. Thank you to each and every one, to soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines, guardsmen, police and firefighters. To wives and parents and children back home. God Bless you all!

The Long Wait is Over, and He comes Home Soon!

August 28, 2009

The long year of praying and waiting is coming to a close. Justin will be coming home very soon and we can’t wait! It wasn’t long ago that he was back on leave, but this time he will be back on American soil…at least for awhile! We never know what the next thing will be, but our little ones will get to be with daddy again, and that is worth all the waiting.

I was thinking about our book We Serve Too!2 A Child’s Reunion Book, and feeling that though it is never easy to negotiate the changes in life, it sure helps to know you are not alone. We hope as we get our books into the hands of little ones, that this is something they learn. Soon we will be living some of the things in the book, and for now, we just look ahead to that still obscure date in September!

We have had two wonderful reviews lately. I am putting them here so that if you are considering our books for your own young ones, or as a gift, you can get opinions other that mine and Paula’s! If you want to get more testimonials, just check our website .

P.S. As I typed the final letter and posted this blog, the phone was ringing….He’s HOME!!!! Justin is back in the U.S.ofA.!  I can’ begin to tell you how happy I am, except to say that the hour and a half I just spent on the phone was like being a kid in a candy shop! I wish we all could have been there at his base in Virginia for his homecoming, but in two weeks, we will get our homecoming here in Colorado! WooHoOOO!!!!