We Serve Too! Changes Ownership, Welcome ;SB Gems Publishing!

February 19, 2014 | Categrory: childrens books, kids and deployment, Publishing, resources for military families

I would like to introduce you to the new owner of We Serve Too! Sandra Bramble has opened SB-Gems Publishing and has the know-how and the connections to take these great books to the next level.  Paula and I are proud and pleased to hand the reins over to her.

Seasons come and go in life and this one has now turned toward retirement for Paula and I , allowing something new to stand instead. This buyout has been of Gods hand, and we stand amazed at the perfection of a plan that began years ago at the yellow ribbon event, when we met Sandra for the first time. Sandra has the heart it will take for the Military, as she has spent her life in the trenches with Military Families. She knows the ins and outs of social networking that Paula and I could never wrap our heads around, but that are essential in today’s marketplace. Best of all ,Sandra loves the books, and sees the worth and purpose behind them as they encourage Military children to embrace the honor due them, as they serve beside their parents, enduring long separations as their parents defend our nation.

Sandra, we salute you in this new endeavor, and if you are a friend of ours from over the years, we encourage you to support and encourage Sandra just as you have done so many times for us. We will be staying available for SB-Gems Publishing in any way we can, so this is not goodbye, just a welcome and positive change for us all.

Off we go, a new adventure!!

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