We Serve Too! What are these books really about?

October 3, 2013 | Categrory: childrens books, kids and deployment, military families, military kids, parenting, resources for military families

What are the We Serve Too! series of books really about?  Shannon, a young Military wife and mother, spoke our exact mission and desire as we started out on this journey nearly 10 years ago. She talks about the way children react to the books and how being with other Military children gets them talking .

Thank you Shannon, for sharing the way our books impacted you, and sharing that Little Patriots Embraced was there to help as you dealt with two young sons needing encouragement while their Dad was away from home. That you used the prayer for Daddy as you Skyped as a family, touches our hearts in a special way .

I am posting the video here, it is really what our books are about:

These books are about family, about loving and missing and joyful reunion. They are about talking with children, and parents having a chance to learn that they are allowed to express feelings too, you don’t have to be strong every minute. ¬†These books are about children learning to cope with life, in a positive way, and feeling honor and courage in being a child who’s parents serve this country. Alot to ask of a children’s picture book, but we are thrilled that that, and more, is what our books are about.


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  1. When these books are read with interaction with children in mind, the results are heartwarming.

    When these books are read to adults to give them a little taste of the “missing hearts” these little ones have, the results invariably include tears.

    this video tells it all.