Are Children’s Picture Books Relevant in the E-book Era?

October 27, 2013 | Categrory: childrens books, Publishing, resources for military families

Well, I have try and write again about why those old fashioned cardboard and paper books still hold a fascination for me. Maybe I am as old fashioned as they are, but there are things to be said for old things :) .

I know that the kids love Kindle and I-pad and I- phone and I -don’t know what else, and that the book industry is finding itself with lots of former bookstores sporting signs that say ” building for lease”. That said, I think that children’s books that are dog eared, with a n errant crayon mark or two and a page folded over are still something special.

Taking a child up on your knee on a snowy day, snuggling close and slowly talking about the picture of the snowman and discussing the possibility of actually pulling on boots and mittens later and making one, just seems to be better on something not emanating artificial light.

I am not against the new, just against the take over, and the possible loss of the old completely. I know that kids now have an ever widening availability of good things to read, and that there are many reasons that the new is winning out, like the characters can spin and move and even be part of a game as you read a story.I pretty sure if I was a child I would think that was pretty cool too.

I like the fact that my drawings leave something to the imagination of a child, and that it can’t come off the page making a noise except that which a child might make himself. I also like that the parent of a young child has no choice but to be involved in the reading, since now even the smallest child can make the new one work all by himself.

I like it that the pictures are quiet, if something needs a bit of time to ponder, or a question comes into a little mind and everything can so easily stop and wait until and answer can be thought out.

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