Calling all Friends of We Serve Too!

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Dear friends of Military Kids and friends of We Serve Too! 
It’s been nealy 6 years since our first book was published and each year we have added to our series. Now we have 4 hardback books, 1 coloring book and 1 activity book!
We have sold thousands of books, and given away thousands more to encourage the little hearts of our littlest heroes.

Things are changing for us and we have decided to sell through our website and our book distributor as usual, but now our books are also available on
So what is our request? We humbly ask this favor from our friends:  would be so kind as to search Amazon for each of our books?  (yes it has come to this: it’s all about algorithms!To help you search, here are the exact titles to look for:
  • We Serve Too!–A child’s deployment book
  • We Serve Too!–A child’s reunion book
  • We Serve Too!–The Homecoming Box
  • We Serve Too!–Little Daisy’s Worst/Best Day
  • We Serve Too!–Military ABCs coloring book
  • We Serve Too!–Around the World-Afghanistan

If you have a lot of time to kill 

  • you can also search for them by our names:
    • Paula J Johnson
    • Kathleen Edick
  • or by subject:
    • deployment book for kids
    • reunion book for kids
    • sustainment  book for kids
    • relocation or moving  book for kids
    • books for military kids
    • Military coloring book
    • kids book on Afghanistan
    • etc.
When you find us, click on the title and even consider putting us on your wish list or in your cart. (Of course we would be ok with any sales, too!)
 Finally, we need some good and honest comments, too, from those of you who have read and used any of our books
We appreciate any help in making our books more visible for Military folks searching for help for the kids.
We need to let you know that the free dog tag that comes with every book ordered from our website or our book distributor will not be available with orders through Amazon (we can’t make that work with Amazon, at least not yet.) Dog tags can be purchased through our book distributor: Complete Book and Media, and if you are ordering bulk quantities, you want to call them at 1-800-986-1775 for the best discounts . Amazon is another avenue to make the books more available to a wider audience. Only our good friends will know that you need to order directly from us to get the dog tags (aren’t you lucky?)
We thank you our dear friends.
With warm regards,
 Paula and Kathleen
Kathleen Edick and Paula Johnson
(970) 396-0156 and (970) 454-2050 or (970) 381-0139
We Serve Too! TM “Honor and Courage for Military Kids”
Wee the People Publishing, LLC

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  1. We have gladly added your material to our Listmania lists on Amazon. We at Operation We Are Here LOVE the quality books and activities that you have created with such great love for military children. Thank you!