Thanksgiving , the table, and the making of a Tradition

November 23, 2012 | Categrory: celebrations, kids activities

Hoping that you all had a great Thanksgiving ! It is always too much food and everyone ends up sleepy and content, and only wanting more pie after an hour or so.

I was thinking that we need to be a bit more aware of how spoiled we are. Paula sets two kernels of corn on each plate so they can contemplate the early pilgrims rationing of food, staying alive on that tiny morsel of food.

I started a new tradition last year and we worked on it this year too. I got a pretty cheap white tablecloth at Sams, and some Inktense pencils from Derwent. They are great because they are permanent after you set the design with some heat from a hot iron, and your can keep the masterpieces year to year.

Here is a small sampling of the artwork at our house, , and though a bit messy in places, I love it.  We sign each design and put the year there. I love last years when a little one was thankful for french fries. A design done by my mother, a turkey running for his life, and one thing that we are all thankful for, that a son is now out of Afghanistan and on his way home.

It gives everyone a chance to document and express that gratitude that we really feel! Happy Thanksgiving!