New Look for the We Serve Too! series!!

October 5, 2011 | Categrory: childrens books, Publishing, resources for military families


We are excited to give you a preview of the new look to our series of books for Military kids! Soon we will have a set of 4

1.We Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book

2.We Serve Too! A Child’s Reunion Book

3.We Serve Too! The Homecoming Box (Sustainment)

4.We Serve Too! Little Daisy’s Worst /Best Day (a relocation, or moving book)

We love the bright colors and how they will look on a child’s bookshelf. We would love to hear what you think of the new look!

Here they are :

2 Responses to “New Look for the We Serve Too! series!!”

  1. Lisa Suggs

    Hi, my name is Lisa and I am the leader of a girl scout troop here in Corpus Christi, Texas. Recently, I contacted a local organization called Coastal Been Troop Support to see what we could do to help support our military as girl scouts. They were helpful in providing a list of items the girls could donate and a place to take them to and drop them off to make sure they went overseas to our soldiers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. We are planning on having the girls bring the donated items to our November 15 meeting. We have a very large troop of 38 girls with ages ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade. We have a few girls that are from Military families but for the most part, the majority are not. I was not only wanting the girls to do a service project to support our troops but I would also like to educate them on what our military sacrifices for their freedom. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to keep it on “their level” as kids and came across your website. I was wondering if any of your books focus on this and if so, could you please tell me which one and where I can purchase it to share with our troop.

    Thank You, Lisa

  2. Kathleen Edick

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for writing to us! I would have gotten your note sooner, but for some reason the blog is not going into our mail as it is supposed to. You can contact us better at Since I am not sure that this blogsite is getting mail to you either, I am going to send you a personal e-mail as well, so if you get two, that is why!

    Our books are great for Military kids and civilian kids. We have often said that we wished people would help the civilian kids to know what the sacrifices the Military Families make on our behalf.
    Our first book called We Serve Too! A Childs Deployment Book talks about the things that are invloved as a parent deploys. It experinces with the family in the story, being told that Dad is going, missing the things that he would normally share, and why his job is important to all of America. You can sample a few pages here:

    Our next book, A Child’s Reunion Book, is the story of the same family as Dad returns. This seems like it would be easy, but it has its ups and downs. Parents have to re-establish authority and respect here is where you can see more on this one:

    Our Homecoming Box is actually an activity that we have done with Miltiary kids and make be something that your girls could set up and do for a group of kids. It is a special box that the children make and keep special tokens in, so that the deployed parent can share the memories the child had while they were away:

    We also have a booklet on Afghanistan, which is helpful to the kids that are a little older and perhaps could be given out to a group of children who have parents deploying there.
    Please feel free to call us about any of this, we are happy to talk with you! You can call me (Kathleen) at 970-353-1763, or Paula at 970-454-2050.

    The books can be purchased at Complete Book : 1-800-986-1775 , our store page goes there directly and if you call, bulk discounts can be had, for example if you wanted to make packets for children of deployed soldier. The books can be mixed and matched too, to get the bulk discounts.

    I hope that has been helpful. Thank you so much for teaching your girls that freedom is not free! As a mom with two Army sons, I am grateful to people like you, who make the efforts to let young people know the sacrifices being made for them.
    With warm regards,
    Kathleen and Paula