Does homeschooling and the Military Life work?

August 20, 2011 | Categrory: kids and deployment, military families, military kids, parenting, resources for military families

Dear Families,

Before I start this post, please know that whatever a good parent chooses as education for the child they love is just that, a choice. It is not that one things is better than another, in fact what works for one family may not work for another. This post is just something that I wanted to explore with you, something to think about and consider.

I started to write this post, because I have been thinking through this for quite some time now.

I am the product of those who used to feel that children needed public education. As one with a child development background and an elementary teaching certificate, I now have a better idea of the joys and the wonder of homeschooling children. If I could do it again, I would wade into this adventure wholeheartedly.

One question people like me asked was “How do children socialize with no other children?” I have come to understand, that they don’t, homeschoolers are not isolated in a bubble, there are others doing this too. Childhood is not lost, but instead enriched. Our society is unsure of the parental role in the life of a child, and we have been taught to be suspicious of things that are not organized on the level of public school, but that is something that can be challenged. It does not mean that you will choose it, just that it is a viable choice to make if you want to.

For Military Families, I am wondering if  this may be even better, if you can do it, since you will not have to start at new schools, where children have to repeat things they already have done, or have to rush ahead without the foundations laid by an earlier educational experience. Here is what I now know, in part thanks to my partner Paula, who has walked this adventurous road herself, that children thrive, and parents do too, if they want to teach their children about the world.

I came upon a blog,  written by Ann Voskamp, to which I offer you the link here. The beauty of the things she says, the reality of her children’s freedom and depth of learning, moves me. I could not address this as well as she does. I do not have the experience , but if I could do it over, it would inspire me to set out .

I know that we cannot all do this. That would be unrealistic. If you are sending your child to school ( as I did)  do so happily, and stay in touch with the teacher and encourage what they are learning. If you are on the edge of considering Homeschool, perhaps this will help.

What ever your family chooses, have a beautiful and productive school year!


Pros and Cons for Christian Parents

from this link you can find other blogs by Ann on Homeschool.



One Response to “Does homeschooling and the Military Life work?”

  1. As Kathleen’s book partner, and homeschool veteran, may I add just a note?

    Had we to do it all over again, we would have started from the beginning, not in 8th grade. Children are “socialized” best if their parents are social in and out of their family. There is no better environment to learn manners, caring for others, coooperation, self-sacrifice, conflict management, etc. than family-life.

    I have dear friends who home educate because after searching the Word, it became clear to them it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children. We came to home-education through the crisis method. We were losing our son and we all knew it. It was a difficult first six months at home while parental authority was re-established. (My farmer husband would walk in the door unexpectedly and ask, “is this algebra or P.E.?”)There is nothing like the authoritative word of the father saying, “Knock it off! You wouldn’t treat your teacher that way at school and you won’t treat your teacher at home that ever way again!”

    It’s a long story and the end has not yet been written. But I can tell you we now enjoy watching our son and his wife being great parents to our little grandson. He is an honorable man who provides for and protects his own family and leads them well in faith. Pretty well socialized, I think.

    There are no guarantees anywhere, but it is good to evaluate the choices–and don’t be subject to peer pressure!( We, as adults are barely better at that than our children are!)Likely your questions will be answered as you research this option (i.e.”what about socialization”, “what about college?”, “I don’t have a teaching degree, can I do it?”, etc.) If you learn and are convinced of the “why” of home-educating, you will find the “what’s” and “how-to’s” will fall into place.

    I feel sure if we were a military family we would homeschool. Home and school would be a consistent thread in the child’s life through all the changes in stations which would be fantastic opportunities to learn and serve where-ever we were planted and add beautiful decorations to our lives.

    We are so blessed to have this freedom in all states of the USA–some more free than others. Check it out! You’ll find answers to your questions in your research. It just may be for you.