Best Christmas Cookies ever!

December 23, 2010 | Categrory: celebrations, military families

I am about to reveal to you a wonderful family recipe that was brought over from Scotland by my great-grandparents on my mothers side.

Not only are these rich and delicious, they are easy to make especially for people who are very busy (like parents who have a deployed spouse for instance!)

I have some in the oven now, and my fingers are literally sliding over the keyboard due to the amount of butter (yes I did wash, but this stuff is seriously buttery!)

Here is my Christmas gift to all of you who visit us at camo-n-kids and We Serve Too!

Scotch Shortbread cookies

1 cup of real butter (no, not margarine, you will miss the rich taste)

5/8 c. suger (10 TBSP)

2 cups of  white flour (this is not health food, loosen up and use the right stuff, you won’t be sorry!)

Mix this with your hands until you can make a ball, but don’t  over handle it.

I roll into small balls and use a cookie press, the flat ones with a picture on them,( dipping in flour first so they don’t stick). Rolling a ball and flattening with the bottom of a glass works too.

Oven is at 300 and you cook about 25 minutes (check that they get only a golden brown, not too dark)

That is it! These are rich and a couple is enough with a cold glass of milk.

Merry Christmas!!