New booklet on Afghanistan, from We Serve Too!

October 15, 2010 | Categrory: military kids

Paula and I have been working on a new series of coloring booklets for kids, to help them understand something about where deployed parents may be going. The series starts with Afghanistan and Iraq. There are other booklets to come showcasing other places like Germany, Japan and Korea. The name of the series? We Serve Too! Around the World, of course!

Our Afghanistan coloring booklet,is going to  press ,and will be available soon! These  can be used at FRG meetings, pre-deployment activities, or just to help kids explore and talk about where their parent is going. They can be used in school activities to help kids understand a culture other than their own. These booklets are unique, they also touch on why our Military is there and what their parents may be doing while deployed. Some things the booklets touch on: housing, language, food (a recipe is included in each one) , things kids do there, animals and some basic history of the region.

Here is a sample of We Serve Too! Around the World: Afghanistan!

Get out your crayons, and watch for our announcement of finished booklets! To order We Serve Too! books and resources go to