Business of Summer, to enjoy!

July 31, 2010 | Categrory: parenting

I have not written in quite a while, mainly because the summer has demanded that hot days be dealt with by a dip in the pool, a bike ride under some shady trees, travelling to see family, or watching grandchildren run through the sprinkler. I know that the days are short and another summer has nearly slipped past. My little ones are getting ready to return to school far too soon.

The heralding of school still puts me in mind of the future and change. Remember when that meant new school clothes, unsharpened pencils and that pink eraser in a little zippered pouch? Then the clean notebook paper, that would become a burden later to fill, but right now held only the pristine whiteness that said we would learn something new and would write things that we could not yet imagine?

I know the calendar has not yet even turned to August, but our two go back the 16th!

I need to learn to live in the moment. To realize that I should now be intentional about what last things I can eke out these passing summer days. I want to make a trip to the mountains, to see the streams and smell the pine. I want to get the kids to do a couple of new art projects (Devon won first place in our local art show this summer!)

What things are your children experiencing in these final summer days? Things do not need to cost money, so here is a list of low cost ways to make those days a little more festive:
A walk in the park, a free dog show, or petting zoo.
Our town has free movies in the parks, see if your town has a schedule of events
Lay on your back in the yard and imagine pictures in the clouds…then make up a story.
Read a story in the shade
take a ride in the wagon after dark and listen for crickets
we filled our hot tub with cool water and left the heater off, makes a nice pool!
Take some little cars out under the trees and make a town with roads in the dirt
Go to the farmers market and let the kids pick a vegetable they have never tried.

I hope the rest of your summer is full of great memories. The kids will remember the little things more than even the big things, don’t believe me? Do you remember the sound of the Popsicle truck? Check the rest of your childhood summer memories, I think you will be surprised!