Mothers Day Expectations

May 10, 2010 | Categrory: Uncategorized

Well, I am at the computer and mothers day is at a close. The sky is dark, and my eyes tired and ready for sleep. I think back on this day and feel contented and grateful to have the children and grandchildren that God has placed in my life. If you are a Mother, you know that Motherhood is a mixed bag of joy, pride, laughter and grief. It is never finished and never quiet.

To be a Mother you learn to live in the middle of this, and if you are older, you learn that the best things happen when you stop having any expectation of what the day is supposed to mean.

If you expected a day focused on your needs, you will likely be disappointed. Other people are not used to you having any needs. If you expected a day of quiet solitude, you will likely be disappointed since they make lots of noise trying to please you as they cook something in the kitchen.
If you expected that they would remember that you would really love a good book and a nap, you may be disappointed, unless the good book you had in mind has lots of bright pictures and you wanted to read it with a few extra grubby fingers turning the pages.
If you expected a fancy gift you may be disappointed, unless your desire and treasure would be a hand written note saying you are the best mom.

Mothers Day is best navigated without any expectation. Perhaps the real gift of Mothers Day is getting to be one.