The Big Picture, or, mail yourself to Daddy!

May 24, 2010

Today we traced around the kids so they could send themselves to Daddy for his birthday coming up in June.

I think that the kids enjoyed the idea of travelling folded up in an envelope all the way to Germany. This is an easy project which lets the kids be creative about what they want to wear, what they want to do to make the picture their own.

All you need is a roll of craft paper , some crayons and markers and some tape to tape it down to the floor so it doesn’t slide around. The other good thing about it is that Daddy not only gets this great artwork, he now knows the size of those kids who may have grown a little since he was home last!

Hope that if you try this easy and inexpensive gift, that you will have as much fun as we did!

Spring has sprung…or get ready to hop into summer!

May 19, 2010

Yesterday my granddaughter Devon and I went out to Paula and Barry’s farm. Going there is always a treat, and Paula and Barry, always make it special for the kids. I have always believed that all children should live on a farm ( my deepest wish as a child) surrounded by Gods beauty in open fields, and creatures both wild and domestic.

Visiting the farm means that the kids get to run and explore, jump on the trampoline (Barry is a very good sport and jumped with them last time), climb into the treehouse, and have Butters, the resident golden retriever, accompany them to the pond.

This visit, Butters waded into the pond and gently brought this big toad out as a gift for Devon, who was very happy to put him in a plastic container and bring him home. Later, after Papa and Uncle Joe had admired the toad and her mommy got a chance to enjoy the fact it was not going to her house, Devon let it go in the long grass behind our deck. Big toad will find lots of bugs out there and probably another toad or two.

Getting out into the country is a healing thing for us under pressure, in a hurry people. It is a place where you can take a deep breath and not feel like there are a thousand more things you should be doing ( sorry Paula, I know you have those thousand more things..even with living on the farm) . Even though I was there to bring illustrations for our re-do of our website (get is coming soon!) it never feels like work to go there.

It is the end of spring and the start of summer. School is out tomorrow here in Colorado, and the kids may have more time to hunt for toads, swing on swings and take walks. I am hoping for a summer of some of those “lazy days” they talk about. Other summers have passed too quickly with too much activity and not enough gently thankful days.

Paula and I have gotten our invitation for the 4th and 5th of June to take our books to Ft. Carson and give them to the preschoolers there. We can’t wait! Yes, I know that is not filed under “lazy days” but that is a special high activity blessing!

Hope your spring is off to a good start and things are hopping!

Picture Pillow Project

May 14, 2010

This one is a wonderful free gift (though leaving a donation would be important) for the children of those deployed three months or more.

Little ones love to have a snuggly that reminds them of Daddy or Mommy. My little people had a pillow case like this when our son deployed the first time, but they are well worn and the picture so faded it is hard to see . Needless to say, this was an important pillow, and got lots of hugs! Thank you to those who work on this project!

Mothers Day Expectations

May 10, 2010

Well, I am at the computer and mothers day is at a close. The sky is dark, and my eyes tired and ready for sleep. I think back on this day and feel contented and grateful to have the children and grandchildren that God has placed in my life. If you are a Mother, you know that Motherhood is a mixed bag of joy, pride, laughter and grief. It is never finished and never quiet.

To be a Mother you learn to live in the middle of this, and if you are older, you learn that the best things happen when you stop having any expectation of what the day is supposed to mean.

If you expected a day focused on your needs, you will likely be disappointed. Other people are not used to you having any needs. If you expected a day of quiet solitude, you will likely be disappointed since they make lots of noise trying to please you as they cook something in the kitchen.
If you expected that they would remember that you would really love a good book and a nap, you may be disappointed, unless the good book you had in mind has lots of bright pictures and you wanted to read it with a few extra grubby fingers turning the pages.
If you expected a fancy gift you may be disappointed, unless your desire and treasure would be a hand written note saying you are the best mom.

Mothers Day is best navigated without any expectation. Perhaps the real gift of Mothers Day is getting to be one.

Willie Banks III receives his award

May 1, 2010

Willie Banks III, met the first lady, got a tour of the white house and was awarded his military child of the year award. He also won
5000.00, which he says he will spend 500.00 on a Nintendo for his sister and a surprise for his mother, the rest he plans to save for

With the wisdom of a child older than his years, Willie has some advice for children going through similar situations.
“All you have to do is pray for other people … then something good is going to come back to you,” Willie said.

What an amazing young man! We were able to send Willie one of each of the We Serve Too! books and two coloring books, one for
Willie and one for his sister,

Great job Willie!