Green zone…don’t give em your green!

March 20, 2010 | Categrory: Uncategorized

I don’t usually use this forum for anything like a movie review, or even political views, but this time I have to. I had not heard much about this movie, so my husband and I thought we would eat a bag of popcorn and check it out.

I wonder what those of another generation would have said if anyone tried to put out a traitorous movie like this during WWII?
Casting our troops and our nation in a bad light when we are at war, is wrong.

Our troops are professionals, the best army in the world. In this movie the Special Forces are bad guys, our government so corrupt that they stage the war for no reason, our soldiers so stifled by this conspiracy that they go out on their own creating missions for themselves. The Iraqis are misunderstood and we are left holding the bag.

I am just tired of the tone, even if it is fiction, that America is a rouge nation, trying to destroy things just because we can. It is crap. I hope that you will not feel the need to add to the coffers of those who made this movie, I wish I hadn’t.