Using Everyday Events to Connect Kids…Making Deployment a Time of Growth for Young Children

January 12, 2010 | Categrory: kids and deployment, making deployment a time of growth for young children


You know there are so many ways to help kids stay connected. The problem is that as adults, we have to take time at the end of a tiring day and then find more energy to apply some creative connections for our kids and our deployed loved ones.
How do we get the energy, the drive and the ideas to all come together and be more than good intentions? Doing things as part of a normal day may help.

As you make those cookies for the FRG group, or the church potluck, let the kids make a few extra batches to send to Dad. While you are busy doing bills, give the kids crayons and markers to make creations worthy of decorating a barracks.

Get others onboard. If the kids see grandma once a week, maybe she would not mind helping the kids write a letter, even the teacher may be persuaded that a letter writing session to Dad is a valuable learning time, and once a week could be swapped for another similar homework assignment.

Video the karate lesson, swimming lesson, or other activity to share with the parent deployed…you have to sit there anyhow!

Need some relief from being the only parent in the house? Ask your deployed spouse to read a story on tape or before deployment make a small library of videos of him reading a story to the kids. Pop these in when you just have to get a quiet moment.
The kids will love you for it.

Make a list of everyday things you do and see if you can pair them up with some ways to connect the kids with the one who they are missing. It will make it a little easier for all of you!