Military Reunions…Why We Wrote We Serve Too!2 A Child’s Reunion Book

January 29, 2010 | Categrory: Uncategorized

I found this video posted on Military Avenue, and just needed to put it up. Reunions are about parents and children, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles finally getting to hug that special person they have been missing. It brought tears as I recalled the times we welcomed home our own soldier. The banners made by my grandchildren that said “Welcome Home Daddy!”

When Paula and I created Book 2 , on Reunion, we wanted something that would last. A book that would not just be a story, but your story. One that parents and children could read and say “yeah, I felt that way too.” We are proud to be able the offer it to Military Families.
Reunion is joyful, but not always easy. Many adjustments must be made. Parents have to reassert authority, children have to learn that things are now different. Schedules change, room must be made for the one who has been away. Spouses must work together, when it might seem easier to “do it myself”.
Reunions can be easier, if everyone knows that it will take some patience and work.

We dedicate this book to all of you who have made the sacrifices this nation requires. We can never thank you enough!

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