The Rewrite of the Song!

December 9, 2009 | Categrory: Uncategorized

After my complaint about the song I wrote of in the last post, my friend and business partner Paula did a re-write.
I often am amazed by her talent to take the written word and transform it. There is no wonder that children love the rhymes in our books! I don’t know if the teacher will make the changes, but I posted them. I love the way Paula takes my anger and actually does something positive with it! Here are the new lyrics:
gingerbreadhouse 008
Bring Him Warmth, Santa

Dear Santa, I need to change my Christmas list
There’s one big thing I missed
My Daddy serves his country far away from here
And I know, Santa, I asked for a Barbie doll
And a brand new soccer ball
But I’d trade it all, for just one gift this year…

Bring him warmth, Santa, bring him love from Mom and me
Let him wake up Christmas morning, and find all countries free
You can join with us and pray, and bring some comfort in your sleigh
So he won’t spend Christmas all alone
Bring love from home

And Santa, here’s a picture that I drew
Of him in his dress blues
Give him a country that remembers him there
That honors his sacrifice, honors him good
And I was hopin’ you could
remind America to keep him in prayer.

Bring him love Santa, bring him victory and speed
Let us wake up Christmas morning, and find we’re still free.
Can you help us stand tall as he answers his call?
So he won’t spend Christmas all alone
Bring love from home

Bring warmth from home.
Bring hugs from home.
Bring love from home.

One Response to “The Rewrite of the Song!”

  1. This one brings tears to my eyes…it’s beautiful, Paula!