The Compressed Week of a Military Family

December 6, 2009 | Categrory: celebrations, military families

thanksgiving christmas 4 generations 007

I am sitting at my computer in an upstairs room, listening to the last snatches of conversation , football on the TV, and noticing the blue winter twilight beginning to descend on our home. Tonight we are at the end of little over a week of celebration, soaking in each others company and laughter. Don’s father, brother, our son Ryan and our oldest, Justin are all leaving in the morning.

Tonight we are still huddled in the circle of family. Morning light will scatter, Don’s father and brother back to New York, Ryan to Kansas , Justin to Germany, to serve our country on another shore.

We have had Thanksgiving , our big turkey dinner, and grateful hearts. We have had Christmas, complete with stockings and gifts beneath the tree. We have sat in the hospital waiting room as grandson Landen had his tonsils out, and like a travelling troupe, marched into his room to watch him suck on a grape popscicle… so many of us, that there was barely room to turn around. . We had a steak dinner with a cake that looked sort of like a flower, to celebrate our grandaughter Devon’s 8th birthday today. We took a photo of four generations of Edick men. The house has been full of dirty dishes, laundry , noise, lost shoes, lost game pieces, and basic chaos.

I’m missing it already.

Thank You Lord, for the gift of family, of being together while we can. To other Military families who compress a whole bunch of living into a few short days..may you make beautiful memories together! Don’t forget, We Serve Too!