Christmas traditions

December 21, 2009 | Categrory: Uncategorized

It is the Sunday before Christmas, and our early Christmas is messing with my mind. Somehow, even though it was really fun, and I am glad we did it…the sentiment in our second book is correct. It is a lonely little Christmas. I think that there is truth in the statement that we are creatures of habit and tradition. Many Military Families change up the rules on many occasions, but still, there is a price to be paid.
I know that this is a passing feeling. The days will come and go, the New Year will make it’s appearance and normal will come around again (whatever that is!) I would love to hear what traditions you have on Christmas, and what you would miss if you had to change things up.

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One thing I am truly hoping this year, that I can get swept up in the truth, that I might look into the manger, and see my Lord and King. Hope you do the same.
Merry Christmas!