Veterans Day…make sure children never forget!

November 11, 2009 | Categrory: celebrations, events, meetings with veterans, military families, military kids

As adults, parents and grandparents, the things of importance lay upon our shoulders to pass to the next generation of Americans. Today is veterans Day. As we mow lawns, shovel snow, tend babies, work at our chosen occupations, there are people fighting for our right to do it. These people span all generations. They sacrifice life, limb,family time and personal goals, to make sure you sleep safely beneath your cozy blanket tonight. They sleep in sand, in heat, in cold. They miss their loved one, eat a lot of beef jerky, and miss nearly every holiday. They tirelessly fight in jungles, in snow, in desolation, for you.

Make sure that today, you tell your children that they live in the greatest country in the world. America provides more for the poor and suffering in this world than any other country. We have a heart for what is right and good and honest. Tell them about our veterans, tell them about heroism, and selflessness. It is their heritage to know.

Teach them that even now, today, there are children who wait for a beloved parent to return home. That children like them, are serving too, by lending their parents to the cause of freedom. If you can, find a veteran today and thank them, for all of us.