Update on our German Christmas…Train is De-railed

November 12, 2009 | Categrory: celebrations


As most things go, I am finding that there are traditions that have to be followed no matter how I plan something new! Remember the post about the gingerbread train? Well, I am already de-railed!

I have thought about all I am doing, gathering gifts, preparing for our Thanksgiving feast and Christmas a few days later…and I caved to a gingerbread house kit I saw at Sam’s. Yes, I do know it is cheating. I justify it however with the knowledge that baking is a mystery to me. I am pretty sure that straight gingerbread walls are a near impossibility. I do plan to make the cookies and most of the meal from scratch (mainly with the cheer leading of my gifted friend and book partner Paula). Remember what I said about expectations? I have to be careful to not get down about the IDEA of baking this Christmas memory, and remember that the kids will love it, and I will retain some glimmer of sanity.

Don’t worry, there is plenty left to do, and I don’t think anyone really EATS these gingerbread things anyhow!