Holidays are right around the corner!(Gingerbread House…done!)

November 20, 2009 | Categrory: celebrations, military kids

No kidding, next week is both Thaksgiving and Christmas for the Edick clan! I am thinking that I was nuts to do it this way, but then I think that the days we spend together, will be so worth it!

The turkey…named big bird, is coming out of the freezer on Sunday.
Tonight we are without heat since we need a new furnace and it is coming in the morning, the fire crackles in the family room, and the grandchildren and I have just finished…drum roll please…the gingerbread house!

Here it is… and you know, it is Ok that it was a kit, we had a great time, ate too much candy, but two little people left for home feeling very proud of their efforts!
Can’t blame them huh?
gingerbreadhouse 002gingerbreadhouse 005gingerbreadhouse 004

As you can see the house needed to be protected from their Papa!