A Prayer for Ft. Hood

November 6, 2009 | Categrory: loss, prayer

We at Wee The People Publishing ,are suffering with you. We are so sorry that you have to face this in our Military Family.


We send this prayer along for all at Ft. Hood , God does have things in hand, though we do not understand.

Dear Heavenly Father ,
We are grateful to come to You when earth has no answers. We put our trust in Your Sovereignty and strength when our strength fails.
Walk beside those who have lost loved ones, friends ,and fellow warriors. We pray for the children of Ft. Hood, for their fears and for their Families.
We ask Father that Your justice prevail, and that evil be defeated. We ask Lord that this heartache will bring many to the foot of the cross, and that where evil is strong, may You be ever stronger .