Speaking of Freedom…

November 22, 2009

Holidays are right around the corner!(Gingerbread House…done!)

November 20, 2009

No kidding, next week is both Thaksgiving and Christmas for the Edick clan! I am thinking that I was nuts to do it this way, but then I think that the days we spend together, will be so worth it!

The turkey…named big bird, is coming out of the freezer on Sunday.
Tonight we are without heat since we need a new furnace and it is coming in the morning, the fire crackles in the family room, and the grandchildren and I have just finished…drum roll please…the gingerbread house!

Here it is… and you know, it is Ok that it was a kit, we had a great time, ate too much candy, but two little people left for home feeling very proud of their efforts!
Can’t blame them huh?
gingerbreadhouse 002gingerbreadhouse 005gingerbreadhouse 004

As you can see the house needed to be protected from their Papa!

Update on our German Christmas…Train is De-railed

November 12, 2009


As most things go, I am finding that there are traditions that have to be followed no matter how I plan something new! Remember the post about the gingerbread train? Well, I am already de-railed!

I have thought about all I am doing, gathering gifts, preparing for our Thanksgiving feast and Christmas a few days later…and I caved to a gingerbread house kit I saw at Sam’s. Yes, I do know it is cheating. I justify it however with the knowledge that baking is a mystery to me. I am pretty sure that straight gingerbread walls are a near impossibility. I do plan to make the cookies and most of the meal from scratch (mainly with the cheer leading of my gifted friend and book partner Paula). Remember what I said about expectations? I have to be careful to not get down about the IDEA of baking this Christmas memory, and remember that the kids will love it, and I will retain some glimmer of sanity.

Don’t worry, there is plenty left to do, and I don’t think anyone really EATS these gingerbread things anyhow!

Deleated Post

If you came here to see the post of the little girl who reacted to her Dad coming back from Afghanistan, I have to say I’m sorry. It was a great clip, and truly showed the heart of children, who miss a beloved parent. In following the links at the end of the video, I discovered that they go to some that are not in keeping with wholesome family viewing. That is the reason for the deletion.

Veterans Day…make sure children never forget!

November 11, 2009

As adults, parents and grandparents, the things of importance lay upon our shoulders to pass to the next generation of Americans. Today is veterans Day. As we mow lawns, shovel snow, tend babies, work at our chosen occupations, there are people fighting for our right to do it. These people span all generations. They sacrifice life, limb,family time and personal goals, to make sure you sleep safely beneath your cozy blanket tonight. They sleep in sand, in heat, in cold. They miss their loved one, eat a lot of beef jerky, and miss nearly every holiday. They tirelessly fight in jungles, in snow, in desolation, for you.

Make sure that today, you tell your children that they live in the greatest country in the world. America provides more for the poor and suffering in this world than any other country. We have a heart for what is right and good and honest. Tell them about our veterans, tell them about heroism, and selflessness. It is their heritage to know.

Teach them that even now, today, there are children who wait for a beloved parent to return home. That children like them, are serving too, by lending their parents to the cause of freedom. If you can, find a veteran today and thank them, for all of us.

A Prayer for Ft. Hood

November 6, 2009

We at Wee The People Publishing ,are suffering with you. We are so sorry that you have to face this in our Military Family.


We send this prayer along for all at Ft. Hood , God does have things in hand, though we do not understand.

Dear Heavenly Father ,
We are grateful to come to You when earth has no answers. We put our trust in Your Sovereignty and strength when our strength fails.
Walk beside those who have lost loved ones, friends ,and fellow warriors. We pray for the children of Ft. Hood, for their fears and for their Families.
We ask Father that Your justice prevail, and that evil be defeated. We ask Lord that this heartache will bring many to the foot of the cross, and that where evil is strong, may You be ever stronger .

A Video For Veterans Day

November 5, 2009

The Ones Who Keep Us Safe

The Ones Who Keep Us Safe from U.S. Army on Vimeo.

Veterans Day is Wednesday November 11th. This video is great for parents and children to watch together. Talk to your children about the sacrifices that are made on the behalf of all of us.

I was talking with my son earlier today. He said that he feels that it is fine if the American people are oblivious to the work our Military does…that the people going to work, raising the kids and washing the car, with no thought or regard for those fighting far from home, is exactly what soldiers do. They protect , so we don’t have to think about it. I love it that he feels that. I do not agree. I think that we lose a part of ourselves when we live oblivious to those who sacrifice every day for us. We are protected, because they are willing to give all they have.

Thank you, all veterans, active duty, reserves, National Guard, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Families! We give a special salute to all the children, who serve as they wait, we hope you remember them as well.

Please appreciate and thank our warriors, thier families, and remember that you can live as you do, only because they care.