A Ditty for Military Alphabet…Our new We Serve Too! Coloring Book

October 12, 2009 | Categrory: book reviews, kids and deployment, military families, military kids, resources for military families

Here is just a little taste of the new  Military Alphabet coloring book we are about to release!

In the back, we have this little ditty, written by Paula Johnson, another clever way to help you learn the letters. It goes like this:

Military Phonetic Alphabet

A is Alpha, Bravo-BWST ABC's Letter D

C is Charlie Horse and me!

D for Delta , Echo-E

Foxtrot-won’t you dance with me?

G is for Golf , H is Hotel

I is for India (the Taj Mahal). J is for Juliet (she’s Romeo’s dream)

K is for Kilo, Lima is L (that’s the city and not the bean)

M is for Mike as in microphone , N is for November when we love to come home.

Grouchy O is Oscar. Papa-letter P,

Q is for Quebec where saying yes is said, “Oui, Oui!” (pronounced we , we)

R-where art thou Romeo? Sierra-S you see!

T-Tango in U-Uniform


Whiskey, whiskers W

X-ray-I can see through you! Y -is yankee doodle doo

Z for Zulu- now we’re through!


The coloring books are on their way! Lots of fun for kids and parents!