The Unknowns of Army Life…or Life as it is.

September 3, 2009 | Categrory: childrens books, military kids

Today we hear that our son has orders. He has not even been home two weeks, and already they have decided on his leaving. This is not a complete surprise, since we know as a Military Family, this is how it works. I guess I had hoped for some breathing room!

He has an apartment, one that he now does not need to worry about decorating, or buying anything for. After a year away in Iraq, we had visions of sugerplums dancing in our heads, that maybe he might be here for Christmas. Instead it seems December he will be embarking on a brand new adventure, one I hope will be a good one.

Germany seems to be a theme in this family . My parents were stationed in Berlin in WWII, my daughter has a new boyfriend that is a german citizen, and now Justin is heading there as well. Three years seems a bit long, but I remind myself that we do not honestly know what  a day will bring, no sense griping about anything that far reaching. Who knows what will happen? Maybe we will all get an opportunity to see that beautiful country. Maybe he will find that this was a fabulous place to get to know.

The Army is an exciting ride, even when your heart wishes they would slow down a little and let you have your soldier once in awhile! It won’t be easy, but as our book We Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book says “our family’s tough!”