The Last Day…Soak up the Sun!

September 28, 2009 | Categrory: kids and deployment, loss, military families, military kids, parenting


Today is the last day our son Justin is home on leave. So many want to see him, and the time goes by so fast, we are left feeling like the time that is about to end has hardly begun. Our son Ryan will also head home to Kansas, the two of them making it way too quiet here! I think that all of us experience this in life. Our humanity always wants more, and we forget to soak up the sun!

Today I am fighting this, because the natural tendency is to begin the disconnect to help the pain diminish. We start this a few days ahead, and to not do it takes some work.

I used to tell my daughter (who is adopted and had abandonment issues) that when people actually leave, then we can cry, but until it happens we will be happy and enjoy each moment.

I try and look at the grandchildren today and enjoy the fun that are having with Daddy, not think of the days ahead when we wish we could tell him something or share something together. This is Military life, and life in general actually. I remember many long days with my husband in the restaurant business when I longed for family time.

So..remember to enjoy the day. The sun will set and another day will come around. Being happy is honestly a choice made, not a thing that happens to you. Happy comes with the knowledge that things will never be perfect in this world, but with a grateful heart we enjoy what is offered. We know that  life is sadness and joy, all in the same day. Today the sun is still shining . Tomorrow the goodbyes will be hard, but the warmth of today will still be felt.