Early Morning…and Stones of Remembrance.

September 29, 2009 | Categrory: military families

Early morning, barely light. I hear the sounds of heavy footsteps upstairs and baggage being taken out the door to the car. We rise to say our goodbyes, and cheerfully kiss and hug and say all the normal things about driving safe and calling when you get home.  One last kiss and off they go.

Our two sons  that are leaving are well into manhood and do not need to see the tears that come as soon as I shut the front door. A mothers heart never changes…in the sense that we still want our children where we can see them! I know that this is not really what I want. I am proud of the independence of both these young men. One serving our country and the other staring a new business on his own in another state.

As the tears subside, I pray for thier safety, and thank God for the wonderful times we had while they were home. One day soon I will get the photos out of the camera and make a memory of these last two weeks. This is important for my grandchildren. The Israelites in the Old Testament used stones to make remembrances of the things God gave them. This will be my pile of stones that I will use to teach them to have a thankful heart. We do not always get life on a platter, they way we want it to be. It is a gift of God to see the good, to be grateful and to look back with joy on our life.

Goodbye guys! Love you! Stay Safe!