The Passing On of Things of Old

June 29, 2009 | Categrory: kids and deployment, military kids, parenting

The first glimpse of the toy box. digging in!

Well, as I wrote , our son Justin is home on leave. His children are here and when I began to hear moans of I,m booooored, I remembered a box that was sitting in our garage. I went out and got the box. “What is it?” a sullen little voice asked. “It is a toybox full of toys that were your Daddy’s when he was your age!” Suddenly interest was peaked, and the kids had a ball looking through Daddy’s strange playthings and imagining him as a little boy.

Master of the Universe toys, Ninja Turtles , many, many platoons of green plastic Army men, complete with tanks, planes and sandbags were excavated. It was good for several hours of fun.

Keeping a few things that give kids a window into the life of a parent, brings both closer. One with memories of things past, but familiar. The other with the new idea, that big strong Daddy, that brave soldier, was once a little boy too.

And it seems to me, not as distant a past as for them.