We Serve Too! Our visit to Beacon School , Ft Carson

May 15, 2009 | Categrory: childrens books, events, kids and deployment, military kids

Some days Paula and I get to really see why we wanted to write books for Military children. Those are the days we get the blessing of spending time with the kids! On Tuesday, we travled to Ft. Carson, Colorado to read our books to four classes of preschoolers at the Beacon School. We had so much fun!

These children were engaged, polite and of course ,adorable. We loved reading to them and asking them questions. If you have ever been around preschoolers, you know they are very interested in anything new, and Paula and I had been introduced as real authors/illustrators.

I asked the kids in our afternoon group, “who can tell me what deployment means?” Preschoolers are a bit unprecitable, and I was not sure what the answer would be, these kids live on base and many have parents who are deployed . At first no hands went up, then a little boy raised his hand and said: “It’s when your Mom takes you to the doctor”….Ohhh, an APPOINTMENT…yeah that does sound the same! We then explained that deployment is when dad or mom has to go away to work for while…Oh, OK.

We read the stories and sang our song “The Creed of a Soldiers Child. Then becasue sitting still is not a preschoolers best thing, we sang and marched together.

A big Thank You Salute to Charoltte Nal who invited us to visit, and has been so encouraging to us in regard to our books. Also to the dedicated teachers who allowed us the time to be with the children they get to enjoy every day. Thank you to Mike Neustedter who took the photos of us with the kids to document our visit. Lastly, a thank you salute, to each of the little ones to whom our books are written.

Paula and I love this part of our adventure in books, meeting the wonderful people who serve too, those who support our troops and their families as they serve our nation. Thank you Beacon School for a wonderful day!

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  1. Your book is great. It is a must have for any military family with little ones. Thanks!