Two Weeks Away in the land of Sunshine!

March 23, 2009 | Categrory: parenting

Well, two weeks of a white sand beach, starlight, and white edged waves. Two weeks of soft sea breezes, azaleas bright pink blossoms , moonlight on the Gulf of Mexico. Ahhh, those wonderful Florida sunsets and dinners of seafood, breakfasts of raspberry filled donuts. Let’s just say the plans for weight loss, were not realized .

The peace of staring up an an endless canopy of night sky opened my eyes and made me think that I miss really seeing the Creation around me. Most days I am focused ,as most of us are, on what needs to be done and what I need to respond to on the computer. All of you sitting there reading this, take a walk outside and remember that there is really beauty to stir your soul out there!

I spent some of those days combing the beach for just the right shells for my grandaughter , who had charged me with finding some “medium sized” shells (in other words , not those tiny ones that are so common along the Florida shoreline), and my grandsons request for a rock collection (a little harder to come by) kept me busy making sure my homecoming would not be a dissapointment!

I was thinking that it is important to make sure our little people get out and see that they can be more awed by what God has made, than by the next video, or computer game!