Superbowl Connection

February 2, 2009 | Categrory: military families, war

Funny how things that seem unrelated create a mind and heart connection as we miss our deployed loved ones. Last week I heard that our military would be treated to pizza and two beers each as they watched the big game. This of course took place in the wee hours of the morning for those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our son was looking forward to this event and had called earlier in the morning (a call we missed….I hate that) but where he sounded upbeat telling us he was going to be watching the game later.

My husband Don and I watched surrounded by others we know at a local restaurant. The camera focused on some of our soldiers watching overseas, and the tears started…they came somewhat unexpectedly, and then I struggled with them again as the color guard brought out the flags of each military branch and Old Glory.

The singing of our National Anthem and the pride I feel as a military mother was, for a moment overwhelming. None of our children were with us during the game. I did wish they could all be home, but that connection of knowing what Justin was watching the same thing at the same time was really comforting.

I think it is maybe because so very few times do I have any idea what he may be doing, or what life is like for him, but this time…for four quarters, we were watching together!

Football is a game I love, my husband is a coach, as is his father. I think it has many parallels to life itself. These teams were well matched and the battle was hard fought, but that brings me to a question: Why, when the goal is money and fame, are they paid better than our military who pay with life and limb to secure our freedom and defend our nation? I really don’t get it.

I don’t understand why men who play are offered more fame than men who work long hours without sleep and endure cold and heat on our behalf? I wonder why our new President wants to cut the military budget by 10 percent and increase the money for global warming in the midst of a war on terror? I watch them report on this warming thing, bundled in coats and shivering into the microphone in front of the white house.

Well, I guess that is enough of my political views….I did enjoy the game, and hope you did too!