Letters are Better! Making Deployment a Time of Growth for Young Children

February 8, 2009 | Categrory: kids and deployment, military families, military kids, parenting, resources for military families

Kids need to learn to write, and what better way than writing to a deployed parent!

I know I am nagging…I have written posts before about the joys and virtues of writing letters rather than e-mails but I have proof that they are better.

Last week my son sent a real letter to his children. The letter was on stationary I ordered before he left from Sharon McBride ( you can order on her website http://www.mymommywearscombatboots.net.) The stationary says : “A letter from Daddy,” and has a photo of my son and his two children on it.

In the letter my son told the kids why he wanted to be a soldier, what he was doing there in Iraq, and the reason he was fighting for this country. What an incredible gift! The kids smiled so big when he told them that though he would have more deployments to come, they were still the most important thing in his life.

I made a copy of the letter for each one of my grandchildren so they would each have the letter to keep in their room. With the originals, I am making a scrapbook that will become a special collection of letters and cards and even the e-mails that he sends. Another reason I love letters over the e-mails, is that when something is in someones handwriting, that person feels closer. I’m not sure why that is, but it is a fact.

I know that writing takes time, some feel they don’t do it well, but trust me on this, it will make an impact on your little ones for them to get a handwritten letter from you. Tell them what you do, where you are, what you think is important and why you do what you do. They will know you all the better for it.

Parents at home, have your children write once in awhile. Have them draw and make things to send to a deployed parent. It works both ways, a handmade gift is a gift of self, and leaves a warm feeling with the one receiving it.