Always a Soldiers Mom…wherever we are

January 13, 2009 | Categrory: military families, parenting, prayer, war

I recently have been reading the blogs of other mothers with sons at war. It doesn’t matter what war they are engaged in or what part of the world they are from, we share a common bond.

Mothers are not designed to send children into places that they may be hurt or killed. We learn to let go, to live in faith, and to send cookies in boxes. We share a love that pulls hard at our hearts, and occasionally thoughts of “what if…” which can only be silenced by the fact that we are not in control, but God is.

Mothers with children in a war zone, understand the cost of freedom, the agony of fighting for truth and the ugliness of evil desires that continue this battle in the physical and spiritual realm. We also know, that fight is necessary if we want real peace, and so again, we let go.

In reading the blog written by the mother of an Israeli soldier, I hear my own voice as well. There are many wars in our world, and someones children are soldiers in each one of them. Some are on the side of defending a freedom, others on the side of defending the agenda , most likely , of people they don’t even know or understand. And still there are mothers, waiting, straining for a word from a beloved child, praying for safety and a homecoming.

I am so proud of my son. I am so proud of the sons and daughters who defend of our nation. So to you out there, who are military mothers, a hug and a salute to you. Keep the faith, send the cookies and let’s pray with each other and for each other.

Heavenly Father You are the Creator of all things.

You understand the hearts of men, and the reasons that war is necessary.

We humbly acknowledge , we know not any of it.

Please Lord, Bless the mothers whose children are warriors.

Help us to trust in You, and to give over our fears to your keeping. Help us to have compassion on one another and to share our hearts before You.

Bless the ones who keep the home fires burning, the parents, wives and children of our defenders and hold them in Your Mighty Hand.


2 Responses to “Always a Soldiers Mom…wherever we are”

  1. I’m an Air Force Mom of a son who has been to Iraq. Beautiful prayer. Thank you for speaking my heart. Love and Prayers Deb in Ohio
    Proud AF Mom SSgt Vinny

  2. Kathleen Edick

    Thank you Deb, Please tell your son that we are proud of him and thank him for his service.
    May you find many blessings!