Working together builds bonds between parents and kids

December 5, 2008 | Categrory: parenting

I had a wonderful experience recently with my daughter. She is a college student and had an art assignment. We both like art ,and she wanted to brainstorm some ideas on a project that was to reflect her life in some way. After hours of ideas being held up, turned, parts rejected and parts embraced ,she came up with an absolutely beautiful banner. It is symbolic of her life . The first circle is her infancy, symbolized by the national flower of Korea, where she was born. Then her childhood ,symbolizing that she was is a twin who has grown up without her sister. Third is her teen years, a tangle of thorns and blossoms, and her life now, a columbine ,symbolizing her home in Colorado, and the home of her heart. Crystal beads hang on golden threads to remind her of the tears of joy and sorrow that are part of every life.

It is beautiful in form, but more beautiful is what it means to us. A mother and daughter and the journey of our hearts as we have grown together all these years.

As I write for families, I want to encourage you not to miss the opportunities that are offered to work with your child. Sometimes, especially when they are small, it is not easy to feel like you really want to sit and color, or play with clay, or make the mess of a batch of cookies.

It takes energy, and honestly, I remember days of not having any. Now I have that same problem but even more so, the difference is ,that now I am more willing to overcome the fatigue and enter into things with my children and grandchildren because I am now aware the days are short. Working together doesn’t need to be a school project , or even a play time. Just work with your kids beside you. Beds being made, dishes rinsed, floors swept can all be times of talk and closeness. I wish now I had done more of it.

As young mothers, we just don’t see it that way. It was only the day before yesterday that my oldest son had a lemonade stand in front of our house, and now he is a soldier in Iraq….seriously it goes that fast!

Well I’m posting a photo of my girl with her project, one because I am just so proud of her, and secondly , so you can see the fruit, of doing things together all along their childhood days! Maybe someday you will get to do something with your adult child that will just make you realize you have now become best friends!