On Football, the State Game and Christmas prep!

December 1, 2008 | Categrory: celebrations, events

Well, Now that the turkey is finally used up and the calender is says December, Christmas is right on our heels. The last I heard, Christmas packages for our troops would need to be out by the 4th of December. I love the holidays and can’t stand the thought of my little boy (all 6 foot 3 of him) missing Christmas. I sent his package early. So early, that now he has had to ask a friend to keep said package, to ease the the temptation to open it.

This has been an exciting week with a difficult end. My husband coaches football and is the defense coordinator at the high school here (Greeley West Spartans!).

We are quite invested in this program and the kids. Every Monday night from early September through the season, I flip hamburgers and we feed our defense after they watch film. You get to know these great kids and the work that goes into a winning football team. (See the TV series Friday Night Lights and you see our life.) Well, the dream was on hand…the Colorado State High School Football Championship Game. This game is played in the Bronco’s Invesco Stadium. We were there! Just us, and one other team in the state. The dream was tangible, and the fans came decked out in West gear, on a very cold November day. We cheered and groaned and jumped up and down and it was as thrilling a game as has ever been played…ever!!!! Then.. we were down…and with 50 seconds to go, we get a TOUCHDOWN! We are going to win this thing! 16 seconds left in the game, and the other teams best player, outmaneuvers us..16 seconds left…and they win 35-32.

Needless to say, as with any crushed dream, we have to grieve it. We will rally and work again to get to the state game (this was the first time in our schools history) and lets just say I am glad my husband is going on a golf trip since he is not a happy camper.

This all started me thinking. I can’t relate this to what our troops are up against. It is a far cry from high school football to the battlefield. I just wonder how many of our warriors learned about perseverance, working through pain, honor, and giving for the common good of a team, through football. I know several of our players have gone on to the military, including our own son.

As my husband questions his abilities as a coach, which I hope is short lived…we did get to the state game after all, I want him to know that what is being is taught is far more than a game. Young men are being shaped and molded, and some of them will be our defenders in a real way.

Well, on to the Christmas preparations! I have to dig through the garage and find the Christmas tree. I have a week alone to get all the little tasks done that work up to Christmas. I want make time to savor the true meaning…a baby in a manger who’s sole purpose was to give life to you and to me!

Here are some pictures of our big day!

My husband is the one in the shorts running off the field!