Gifts from Daddy…what a Christmas! Parents, think about writing to your children!

December 30, 2008 | Categrory: celebrations, kids and deployment, military families, military kids, parenting

The gifts sent from a deployed parent to his children, are held in a special place in a child’s heart. I could see that even more than the cool backpacks my grandchildren received from our son , the notes were the thing that moved them, and me!

Justin had sent a wonderful package of gifts to his children, as as we opened them, I read to the kids what their Dad had said on two notecards, one specific to each child. The smiles that came when he had written that he loved them, was truly the best of all gifts.

I recently heard of a book that tells of the journal a soldier kept for his son while in Iraq. The soldier gave the ultimate sacrifice to this country, but the journal is a treasure that his son will always have. His wife said that in the journal, her husband had showed his son, and herself ,who he really was. I think all parents could give a special gift to their children by writing a journal, or letters and notes to kids. We tend to write what is in our heart. Things that feel awkward to say, flow out on paper in a new way. Things we think, are given as a part of our love and our humanity…a legacy to our children.

You may say you are not so good at writing, or that you don’t spell very well. Please put those notions aside. Just write what you feel, what you really think is important. Share things that you have gone through, what it was like to be a kid when you were one. Your children will not be casting a critical eye on your grammar, penmanship or any other failing you think you have. They will hold the gift, the expressions of your heart, as precious .

No gift bought with money can give them the insight and appreciation of who you are, and who they are to you, with more power than a few simple words written specially for them.