On the occasion of our sons first deployment, I could not stand that he would miss Christmas. I set up the tree, filled the stockings, cooked the turkey and baked the pies…all in October. (our new book We Serve Too!2, soon to be released ,mentions this!) This year, we have to do what most military families are doing, thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving. I am not an expert at packing Chritmas boxes, but lots of good ideas can be had at the link below: http://awtr.blogspot.com/2007/11/christmas-care-package-ideas-for.html The point of this blog is to encourage you to include your children in creating the boxes that will be shipped to your service member! Kids love Christmas, kids love packages and kids love their deployed parents! This is an opportunity to teach them that the giving is truly the best part of the season, by making them major players in filling the box.

My grandchidren and I spent last night , getting the giggles and outright laughter as we recorded a message to Daddy on his recordable Christmas card from Hallmark. Ours plays jingle bells after the sweet voices of his kids shout “Merry Christmas Daddy!” The giggles came into play as we had to practice this short message, and then try the recording 4 or 5 times before we got it right! After we had it the way we wanted it, we pretended to be Daddy opening his card. This was a bit sobering, and we could feel the great pleasure he would get from this ( and a tear for me ). The children worked on some home made cards and artwork to add to the box. We had filled his camosock (see my post on camosock, it has a link) and made sure that the sunscreen his 4 year old had insisted on was in there. We added the nutcracker dressed in combat gear, and used tootsie rolls for packing peanuts. The kids were thrilled with the idea that Daddy would get this heartfelt gift, a peice of ourselves was in there. Merry Christmas Daddy! Enjoy your holidays and make sure to get those kids involved!

2 Responses to “Christmas packages during Deployment: get those Kids involved!”

  1. I was in tears reading your post. The vision of these babies so excited to surprise their daddy…not to mention your mom-tears.
    God Bless!

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog…

  2. thanks airman mom, I always love your comments, and appreciate your support!