Working on our next book! We Serve Too! 2

October 14, 2008 | Categrory: childrens books, kids and deployment, military families, military kids, Publishing

Paula and I are hard at work finishing our new book , We Serve Too! 2, A Child’s Reunion Book. We are planning a new dog tag and activity sheet that will help families reconnect with each other when deployment if finally over. Even better , we realize that deployment is not a one stop thing for most military families, and the theme of the book is resiliency and the way a family bounces back, as the normal and expected readjustments take place.

We are committed to making a book , that like the first one, opens the lines of communication between parents and children.

We would love to let some of you in on the creation of this by asking you to comment on things that have helped you and your children following the reunion of your service member. We would like to especially know about activities or intentional plans you worked on to help reconnect the parent who has been absent and re-create and strengthen the bonds between that parent and the children.

As a grandmother who has watched my son and his children after a deployment, I know there are many ways that families work through the issues of re-establishing authority, accepting the differences in parenting style, and even the adjustment of having the children again depend on a parent who has been away for an extended time. These are natural things that military families cope with routinely, and we want to help bridge that time with a book and resources that will truly help the family rebound! Thank you in advance for any of your input, we love to hear from you!