Blue Star Moms meet for coffee…with Sarah Palin!!

October 4, 2008 | Categrory: events, military families, military kids

I had coffee this morning at Gunther Toody’s in Denver with other blue star moms (in case you do not know, blue star moms have a son or daughter in the military). Well you say, lots of women are having coffee on a Saturday morning, true, but we had coffee with Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin is also a blue star mom. She spent this morning in the midst of an extremely busy schedule to meet with us, look at photos of our children serving our country, and talk with us individually. She was not hurried or anxious to go, you felt as if you were sitting with a girlfriend having coffee and talking about things that matter. We discussed a number of things, but most satisfying I guess, was just being moms. She talked about her son being deployed and we talked about ours.

She was clear about her position on what they will do for our loved ones in the military. Though I can’t do justice to it here, the Governor said they are making good progress in Iraq, but we are not there yet. We have to persevere until Iraq is truly able to take over their own security. I agree with her that we can’t afford to undo what has been accomplished. She was also clear that they are not considering being there forever , there is a definate withdrawl plan, as the generals on the ground see fit. She was real about he fact that we will need to go into Afghanistan with more force . She did not pander to us as military mothers. She talked straight and she was one of us.

I slipped her one of our Homeland Security Blankets and our book We Serve Too! She said she thought Piper would enjoy it, and we sure hope she does! We hope also that she will work on the issues of the military family, a group to which she belongs and obviously cares deeply about. My passion of course is the children of our military members, and I felt she was someone we could go to with their needs.

As Governor Palin asked how she could educate people about blue star mothers (which began in WWI) ,one of our moms said, “ask John McCain to give a cheer for Blue Star moms in his next speech!” Well, here’s the test to see if he listens to her!

Thank you Sarah Palin!

Here are my photos that were not to dark to post. I want to say, she is real and genuine, and she’s got my vote!

OK, this is for my friends, notice the Homeland Security Blanket in the hands of the Secret Service!

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  1. Thanks for posting these pictures! It is affirmation she is “one of us”.

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog…