KIDS :Teach them about our country's history/The Flag

October 28, 2008

This is an amazing election year and so many things hang in the balance. We have many areas where we can talk to children about what this country stands for, the freedoms that we enjoy and the truth that it takes brave men and women to protect those freedoms. Children today have little idea, of what a sacrifice really is, or why it might be necessary to make one.

If you are a military family, why do you serve? Have you shared your reasons with your kids? If you are a civilian family have you talked to your children about the sacrifices of self, time with family, the things we take for granted, that military families make?

Children need to know that freedom is certainly not free. Never has been.

Maybe a good place to start is with the flag that represents our country. Here are things to know about the flag of the United States of America:

*The 13 stripes represent the 13 original colonies.

*Each star represents one state that is part of the United States.

* The colors of the flag are Red: Hardiness, Valor and Bravery.

White: Purity and Innocence. Blue: Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice. Talk with your children about the meaning of these words.

Teach children the right way to display the flag:

*Never let the flag touch the ground or floor

*If it is displayed on a wall, the blue field whould be on the left side.

*If displayed outside it should be illuminated, if not , only display it from dawn to dusk.

*The flag should be raised quickly and taken down slowly and ceremoniously.

When you are somewhere and the national anthem is played, make sure you stop, face the flag and place out right hand over your heart. Children observe what is important to you, and it becomes important to them.

Be sure to VOTE, your kids see what you do, it is important to exercise the rights that brave Americans have fought to protect!

Link to Camosock/Time to think of Christmas packages in military garb!

October 19, 2008

I have to let you know about something that is so great, and fun for military families whether deployed or at home. I bought one of these last year and will be sending it full of goodies this year to my son in Iraq.

The camosock is made of the material found in each branch military uniform. It is very well made (you can stuff it good and the seams will hold) It is also very big, (so you can really get more in it than you can probably afford!) They are great quality and only 21.00 which includes your shipping.

This is a fun activity for children, to get that big sock and fill it for mom or dad. Not just with material goodies, but letters artwork and maybe some home baked cookies! Check it out!

Working on our next book! We Serve Too! 2

October 14, 2008

Paula and I are hard at work finishing our new book , We Serve Too! 2, A Child’s Reunion Book. We are planning a new dog tag and activity sheet that will help families reconnect with each other when deployment if finally over. Even better , we realize that deployment is not a one stop thing for most military families, and the theme of the book is resiliency and the way a family bounces back, as the normal and expected readjustments take place.

We are committed to making a book , that like the first one, opens the lines of communication between parents and children.

We would love to let some of you in on the creation of this by asking you to comment on things that have helped you and your children following the reunion of your service member. We would like to especially know about activities or intentional plans you worked on to help reconnect the parent who has been absent and re-create and strengthen the bonds between that parent and the children.

As a grandmother who has watched my son and his children after a deployment, I know there are many ways that families work through the issues of re-establishing authority, accepting the differences in parenting style, and even the adjustment of having the children again depend on a parent who has been away for an extended time. These are natural things that military families cope with routinely, and we want to help bridge that time with a book and resources that will truly help the family rebound! Thank you in advance for any of your input, we love to hear from you!

Blue Star Moms meet for coffee…with Sarah Palin!!

October 4, 2008

I had coffee this morning at Gunther Toody’s in Denver with other blue star moms (in case you do not know, blue star moms have a son or daughter in the military). Well you say, lots of women are having coffee on a Saturday morning, true, but we had coffee with Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin is also a blue star mom. She spent this morning in the midst of an extremely busy schedule to meet with us, look at photos of our children serving our country, and talk with us individually. She was not hurried or anxious to go, you felt as if you were sitting with a girlfriend having coffee and talking about things that matter. We discussed a number of things, but most satisfying I guess, was just being moms. She talked about her son being deployed and we talked about ours.

She was clear about her position on what they will do for our loved ones in the military. Though I can’t do justice to it here, the Governor said they are making good progress in Iraq, but we are not there yet. We have to persevere until Iraq is truly able to take over their own security. I agree with her that we can’t afford to undo what has been accomplished. She was also clear that they are not considering being there forever , there is a definate withdrawl plan, as the generals on the ground see fit. She was real about he fact that we will need to go into Afghanistan with more force . She did not pander to us as military mothers. She talked straight and she was one of us.

I slipped her one of our Homeland Security Blankets and our book We Serve Too! She said she thought Piper would enjoy it, and we sure hope she does! We hope also that she will work on the issues of the military family, a group to which she belongs and obviously cares deeply about. My passion of course is the children of our military members, and I felt she was someone we could go to with their needs.

As Governor Palin asked how she could educate people about blue star mothers (which began in WWI) ,one of our moms said, “ask John McCain to give a cheer for Blue Star moms in his next speech!” Well, here’s the test to see if he listens to her!

Thank you Sarah Palin!

Here are my photos that were not to dark to post. I want to say, she is real and genuine, and she’s got my vote!

OK, this is for my friends, notice the Homeland Security Blanket in the hands of the Secret Service!