Preparation for "the day"

September 10, 2008 | Categrory: military families, parenting, prayer, war

Tomorrow my son is leaving. So I am decorating. Decorating?

yes. I am hanging red white and blue construction paper chains (my links I told you about before) so my grandchildren can begin their writing campaign. I put a yellow ribbon and some flags on our front door, and tied a yellow ribbon on the top of the flag. Last time Justin deployed that ribbon went on, and then he came home he took it off himself. Can’t wait for that day to roll around again!

I guess it is a way to mark a beginning. The beginning of our daily prayers for safety, our awareness that our country needs to be defended, a time of pride and pain.

I think of how many moms out there get to go through this. Sarah Palin should be about to send her boy off, as are thousands of us more common folk. I love other military moms. I see them sometimes buying beef jerky and looking kind of tired ( I think alot of us are helping with the grandkids). When a woman about my age is standing in line at the post office with a box and an APO address, I wish I could hug her. There is a camaraderie of mothers who are missing a kid that used to make more trouble than she could shake a stick at, and now all she wants is for that pain of a kid to walk through the door and hug her!