Is it hard to send your son to war?

September 1, 2008 | Categrory: making deployment a time of growth for young children, military families, war

We leaned against a post, in the airport, sipping hot coffee. I asked him if I could lean against him for five minutes while we finished. I just wanted to be close, to lean against his strong shoulder, knowing that the five minutes would soon be over, and another year of waiting wold begin. He turned to me slightly amused with my request and said “sure Ma, is it hard to send you son to war?”

The answer is yes.

I am so proud of the man he is. I am proud to be the mother of a soldier. He is a defender of right and freedom. Today though, he is just my boy. I held him once, not so long ago. Back then, I knew where he was and could forbid him to do dangerous things! Hard to believe now at 6’2″, but that tow headed child, still lives in my memory, and he is very hard to let go.

The man that is leaving, has little resemblance to the little boy, but a mothers love does not get that. He knows, because he is a father and has only last night said goodbye to his own little ones. He says he felt like crying but can’t. I have no such trouble. The Bible says God counts our tears and keeps them in a bottle. Well, I hope there is an alert accountant up there today ,because I seem to be able to produce plenty!

I am thinking of a word a new friend of ours used for the military family “resiliancy”. Yep. As soon as I am done crying, it will be time to move on and get things done.

My son said he was sorry that the last time he was in Iraq he scared us so badly. We had a number of hours knowing only that he was in serious condition with a head wound of some kind. I told him ,in my most authoritative parental voice that he was NOT to do that again!

So I hugged him hard,and we went our separate ways, but our hearts are still connected.

I already bought his welcome home banner. That next hug will be so sweet!

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  1. My prayers will be for you to find strength each day. My prayers will be with your son’s children. My prayers will be with all of our Airman, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines…that God will know and bless them all!

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog…