Focus on the Family military appreciation day

September 22, 2008 | Categrory: childrens books, events, kids and deployment

Last week we were invited to attendĀ  military appreciation days at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. What a wonderful day! We met so many really great people, and since it was kids day, saw lots of cute kids!

Here is a photo of our set up. We were there early, so it looks like we are alone, but trust me, there were plenty of people there. Paula and I barely got a bite of the pizza they so graciously brought us at lunchtime!

We hope that the books that were purchased for the little ones facing deployment of a parent at Ft. Carson, help to comfort , and stimulate conversation between them and their parents.

A big thank you to the folks at Focus on the Family for their support of our military ! A huge thank you to all those who will be deploying to defend our nation. God bless you.

To the lady from Ft. Carson who we met with two children ,who’s husband is on R&R, please contact us in regard to the homeland security blanket. You were disappointed to not be able to purchase one, but someone wants to donate them to you. :)