Honor at the Post Office and Beyond

August 16, 2008 | Categrory: childrens books, meetings with veterans, military families

Lately I have been thinking of veterans we have met on our journey of authoring a children’s deployment book. We have met Vietnam vets, Korean vets, and then some from the current theatre of battle. I must admit to my awe of such people. Those who stand between evil and the rest of us, so we can live in this great country of ours. I wrote this blog several months back, in a different venue, but want to share it again:

The other day I was standing in a long line at the local post office with an armful of books to send out as promotion. A young man about my oldest sons age and I struck up a conversation after he mentioned he was picking up a package he had sent to himself from Afghanistan. We talked about his previous tour in Iraq, at the same post my son served at. He mentioned he had survived an IED and had lost some hearing in one ear. I told him I was grateful the rest of him was home and safe!

The next thing he said will stay with me a long time, because I think it is the way our soldiers out there see things. He said, “well, that’s all that really happened”" like it was a skinned knee, or other inconsequential event.

Later the conversation turned to his wife and little girl, who he was obviously proud of. I told him I was mailing out a child’s deployment book and that I had hopes that it would be a comfort and help to military children and their parents. I waved him ahead of me in line, thanking him for his service after getting his name and address to deliver a free book. As he left, he kissed me on the cheek and said “thank you Maam. Wow, what an honor!

That was the story I originally wrote, and as time has passed we have been blessed to meet so many people who inspire and fuel our journey in getting books out to children of military families. We could never thank them all, there are too many, and if I named a few I would never be able to express what they have ment to us.

There are wonderful people out there, military families, civilians, groups and organizations who share a heart for the sacrifices made on our behalf by those who serve us. Parents, spouses, children who remain at home waiting for the return of a loved one gone many days. The service member who spends difficult times away from friends and family to do a job that is both difficult and at times thankless. So, that is really what this blog is about, thank you. Thank you to all of you. We can never express our gratitude for the way you serve this country. Honor comes at the post office line… and in selling books for children.

We are honored to know you.