The Homeland Security Blanket:making deployment a time of growth for young children

July 19, 2008 | Categrory: childrens books, kids and deployment, making deployment a time of growth for young children, military kids, parenting

The Homeland Security Blanket! I love the name and the concept of our newest idea from wee the people publishing! My partner Paula, has created something so wonderful for the little heroes at home, to give comfort and provide the snuggly warmth to help remind a child’s heart of a deployed parents hug.

I wanted to show you some photos so you can see for yourself this special gift for the child of a military parent.

As of now, we are figuring out how to offer this gift at a price that is comfortable ,at $39.95 (it includes the book We Serve Too!) we are working hard to get the price down for military families. We want every military parent to be able to wrap their little ones in a homeland security blanket.

Our backpack, with it’s yellow ribbon as shoulder straps, holds the book We Serve Too!A Child’s Deployment Book in it’s front pocket. A button with a star holds the top closed. With a quick pull, and by turning the backpack inside out, you find a cozy polar fleece blanket to wrap up in while you read the story.

Softness and touch are important to people who are grieving. Often grief and loneliness which are a part of deployment for children, can be eased by a familiar toy, blanket, or any kind of snuggly. Soft clothing can be helpful too, so track down some really cuddly jammies for your little ones before a parent deploys. Another help in the grieving process is to have something that reminds the child of the parent, a shirt that belongs to Dad can become a good pajama top, spraying his cologne lightly on the sheets, and making a pillowcase with Dads photo on it. I’m sure you can think of lots of other things as well.

I remember as my father was dying that one day after the stresses had mounted I went downstairs and wrapped myself up in a down comforter, literally hiding there for a while. It helped. I believe that the Homeland Security Blanket can be just what a blanket was to Linus in the Charlie Brown Cartoons by Charles Schultz…just throw it over your head, and the world goes away for a while, and you can rest and wait forĀ  Daddy or Mommy to come home. When you come out, you are better able to cope with facts of deployment.

I’m sure your kids will not mind that you borrowed their blanket.

I just want to get the word out about this great gift for our military kids. We know from the reaction of children who have seen it, you can’t go wrong with this one!

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  1. Hi would like to know how to get one of these blankets for my granddaughters they have a dad who is deployed right now over in Iraq. This is his second tour of duty over there he is a medic.