It's the Fourth, God Bless America!

July 4, 2008 | Categrory: celebrations, military families, our flag

I hope that the flag you fly in front of your home or business will make you think today of those who stand beneath her crimson stripes and 50 stars, defending our homeland. This country is the best place to live, work and raise a family on the face of the earth, regardless of the crazy things going on within her boarders. I am thinking today about the Supreme Court decision to invite enemy combatants (you know, the guys that are shooting at our soldiers, marines ,airmen ,sailors, guardsmen, and planting a bombs along the road wishing you would come by for a visit…) to share in the democracy that they so hate?

I know there will be many who will write on this topic better than I , I am no political expert. I am just a woman , a military mom and grandma ,who fervently loves our country and our warriors. I am amazed that intelligent people could defend this decision.
Easy to go on and on here, and many will. I believe that our fighting men and women are the best in the world ,are compassionate, and are well trained for the job they do. Maybe we should let them do it.

Anyway, back to the fourth, this is a day of remembrance. Remember those who have gone before, tell your children about them. Teach them that love of God and country are not out of date.
Teach your children about the honor of their heritage as Americans, teach them our songs. Let them know that even when we disagree, we have the right to disagree. Let them know that the flag symbolizes our allegiance, and the military needs their prayers.
I hope you will let the stars and stripes remind you today of the sacrifice it symbolizes.

One request from this mom and grandma this fourth of July: remember the families that wait at home, that have sacrificed the presence of a loved one. One who will not be at the barbeque this afternoon, they are busy defending your nation.