Block Leave Joys!

July 13, 2008 | Categrory: celebrations, kids and deployment, military families

Our oldest son Justin is home on block leave. His brother has returned from Kansas to be with him, and we are having a fabulous time. Yesterday we grilled steaks, stayed home and played with the kids, We had a water gun fight that broke out several times during the day. I finally I had to assert my authority and remind everyone that I was the mother and they needed to hand over the ammo . They did , for a moment, and later I found myself under fire again! The day ended with a fire in the fire pit and sticky marshmallow covering the mouths of both grandchildren.

Sometimes we are given by God, a perfect day. This was one of those… I was teased as I ran for my camera, trying to stop it, freeze it, so I can hold it close again in the not so perfect days of deployment. Those days that we military families know, stretch out endlessly . Days when I turn off the news channel, because my heart is raw. Don’t get me wrong, I do not spend every day in worry, I know that my son is in the hands of God, and there is no safer place. I also know he loves what he does, and that is a gift I would never want him to miss. but I am still a Mom and I will miss him.

Another day is dawning, soon I will hear little voices of the grandchildren who have left their Daddy’s bed, seeking me out for breakfast. The voices of family , the music of my life.  I am grateful.